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Established Rapper and Songwriter Nick Bravo Has a Personal Inspired and Hopeful New Single, “Foggy”

Nick Bravo Foggy

Nick Bravo is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, recording artist, and spoken word poet. This multi-talented rapper and lyrist will capture your attention with how he exudes those raw emotions through his powerful and heartfelt performances on the mic. He uses his personal experiences and troubles like in his latest tune, “Foggy” to create music that so many listeners battling similar emotional or physical storms can gravitate toward. So when you are in here, you get more than just the music, you get a deserved therapy that not even your qualified physician can provide.

After battling COVID 19 and its complications for over a year and a half, which left him barely functioning- physically and mentally, this track, “Foggy” is dedicated to all the COVID 19 long overhauls and all those in so much pain and nobody seems to understand them. let this track heal you in every possible way and remind you that you are not alone in this journey and fight, so no matter how hard it might seem, don’t give up just yet, hold in there.

Nick Bravo really went hard on this one and you can feel the raw emotions flying- venting his frustrations, pain, anguish and sometimes anger, he is able to curate a deeply resonant rap track that reflects his past tumultuous one and a half years. This is one of those tracks that you just get lost in from the first minute all the way to the last. When he starts spitting those pain-inspired bars, occasionally drifting into an emotionally pulling chorus, you are drawn in and find yourself just wanting to listen to more and more of this.

This is an easy recommendation, and the honest songwriting here transcends genre boundaries- a track that anybody, regardless of genre taste, can enjoy. To anyone feeling sad and lost, let “Foggy” comfort you and inspire that hope to keep going even when you don’t know when the darkness will end!

Follow the attached link- subscribe to Nick’s YouTube channel, watch this release, give it a like, and comment below on how it makes you feel- let’s go!

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