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Nobody’s Perfect, the NYHC Band Back With a New Release After 30 Years. With the First Release “U-Turn” off of Their Upcoming EP Titled “Arrival”

Nothing beats the feeling of a band coming back together and getting back to releasing music like they used to all over again! This is the special and heartwarming case of Nobody’s Perfect. A New York hardcore band from Brooklyn New York who are back together and releasing music. To date the band has two releases “Witness This” produced in 1989 and “Steps Towards Deception” produced in 1991, and now 30 years later, they are back together bearing a new 6-piece gift titled “Arrival” which was made during the uncertain COVID pandemic times. The first single off of this new release is U-Turn– a highly competent piece of music and high-octane delivery that is bursting with hard-hitting riffs and a striking sense of that NYC vibe!

The engine ignition at the intro takes off with the melody as the powerful and dutiful drums join in followed by the electric guitars that are brimming and bursting with virtuosity! The band soon unleashes a timeless medley of some self-assured raspy and husky vocals, laying a steady foundation with an extremely strong automotive metaphoric anthem.  “U-Turn”.

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The band showcase that they still possess the necessary power and projection to really conjure up a commanding performance that is most fitting for a track of this intense nature!

If you listen close and keen enough you will hear the deep message being passed across that challenges a listener to either chose to keep pushing for their dreams or risk being passed by the fast evolving world! Follow the attached link and let this track makes its way uninhibited into your ears! This is just one piece of the puzzle and I can’t wait for them to put the other pieces together!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

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