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German Based Motswana Female Singer Nomina Has a New ‘Feel-Good’ Type of Single Dubbed, “Rice.”

Nomina has always been driven by the noble idea that music has the power to transcend borders, languages, and cultural differences, which is why she leverages on her unique background and upbringing to make unique music that is hard to place. She has developed the rare talent of pinning down her thoughts in a manner that generates genuine emotions in the hearts of her listeners. Nomina uses music to send compelling, impactful messages; her effortless storytelling is always interlaced with Afro, R&B, pop, and other sounds to create an effect that cannot be ignored.

As someone who was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Botswana, and later migrated to Germany, Nomina has been able to cultivate a versatile sound that is as powerful as it is unique. Over the years she has been in the music industry, she has come to be known for her relentless creativity to paint vivid scenes with her lyrics while riding harmonies that appeal to all eardrums!

That is most certainly the case even with her new single, “Rice,”  an Amapiano-inspired masterpiece with nuances of Chinese sound and a simple yet deep theme at its core!

“Rice” is all about the important cycle of the farmer-consumer relationship. This track recognizes the ardent rice eaters from all over the world and acknowledges the relentless farmers who toil day and night to ensure that there is never a shortage of this staple food.

The lively percussions at the intro certainly set the precedent for the vibrant and dance-inducing Amapiano-flavored beats to enter, and once they start flourishing, you are left with no other choice but to get up on your feet and move with careless abandon to the stimulating impact the beats have on you.

Nomina wastes no time in making her mark with her mellifluously powerful vocals that color the track vibrantly; here, she delivers a multicolored version with English, Ndebele, and a bit of Chinese to add to the sonic variety and warmth of this already ecstatic anthem.

“Rice” is the type of tune to boost the vibe in any setting and I have no doubt it translates for any dance floor around the globe; so get on there by following the attached link and start vibing joyously to this ear worming smash hit!

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