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Global African Songstress Nomina Returns With a Catchy and Infectious New Anthem, “All or Nothing” Featuring Sean Paul

A visionary artist at the crossroads of African musical traditions and international contemporary sounds, Nomina’s music is a rich tapestry of R&B, pop, electro, and amapiano backed by her richly distinct African flavors. Born in Plumtree, Zimbabwe, and raised in Gaborone, Botswana, before moving to Germany to pursue further studies, drawing from her rich cultural experiences, Nomina creates music that transcends boundaries. She is an artist in the truest sense of the word and has proved to be a musical force to be reckoned with her captivating melodies, deeply resonant lyrics, and performance prowess. With every new song she releases, she continues to demonstrate why she is the industry’s best kept secret!

After making waves with her club banger “Closer to You” featuring legendary Jamaican artist Sean Kingston, she returns with yet another dancehall and reggae icon, Sean Paul, in the single “All or Nothing.”

Well, it seems that one of the things Nomina looks at before collaborating with someone is their professional name, if you are a Sean, the better!

“All or Nothing” is a catchy, melodious, and infectious tune that is guaranteed to stay with you even after the final notes have faded away. Its beauty lies in its memorability and how catchy and simple the lyrics are, making it a sing-along anthem.

Another striking beauty about this jam is how eclectic it is. The Caribbean-inspired melody has been seamlessly melded with those inescapable Afrobeats, backed by Latin influences in the lyrics. Nomina’s sweet-sounding voice, with its impressive range, adds the R&B flavor, making this a genre-defying masterpiece.

At the song’s heart is that unforgettable chorus that invites a listener to sing along, ensuring that it sticks in your head for the rest of the day. The guest artist, Sean Paul, delivers exactly what you’d expect, unleashing a memorable performance and elevating this new jam to new heights with his distinctive voice and energetic delivery.

“All or Nothing” is expected to dominate the airwaves and making it the ideal anthem for those with deep romantic feelings. This track invites all of you to relish in its catchy and irresistible feel as the lyrics resonate with romantic appeal!

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