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Norwegian jazz legend Odd-Arne Jacobsen reimagines Lars Gullin’s “I Hope It’s Spring for You”

Photo Credit: Aliona Pazdniakova

With an established reputation that well precedes him, Odd-Arne Jacobsen is a musical legend in every sense of the word. He has gone on to capture the hearts and minds of jazz music aficionados everywhere with his improvisational dexterity, passionate demeanor and exemplary musicianship, earning a name not only in his native Norway but also outside of it in Russia, the USA, and many other continents. With his style, he exudes the warm, gentle, and friendly nature of jazz. It’s like they are entwined, as that cordial feel emanates from him as much as from his music.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen returns with a special tribute to one of jazz’s celebrated icons; Swedish baritone saxophonist/composer/pianist Lars Gullin, born on May 4, 1928, in Visby, Sweden, and passed away on May 17, 1976, in Vissefjärda, Sweden, with his new cover of the icon’s ‘I Hope It’s Spring for You.’

The gentle wail of Odd-Arne Jacobsen’s Bolin nylon string guitar sets a mellow tone that is immediately felt in the heart and soul of its listener. The more his skilled fingerprints continue strumming this ear-worming instrument, the more the impact is felt right through the chest.

Honoring the original composition with diligent finesse, Jacobsen also uses his own improvisational flair as a springboard to reach new, exciting creative grounds, leaving the listener awe-inspired and enchanted in equal measure.

It speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of Jacobsen that he has been able to honor an original record while also making his musical presence felt. This is a field reserved for the few, and thankfully, he is among the rare few we have in the world of music and performance.

Reimagined in the gentlest, most beautiful, and soul-stirring ways, ‘I Hope It’s Spring for You’ is also a symphony of renewal and beauty, reflecting a season marked by a vibrant resurgence of life, hope, and color. This is the promise of brighter days ahead!

This version by Jacobsen absolutely achieves what it was meant to, and as such, I’d give it a solid 8.5/10. That’s because nothing is perfect, except this is near-perfect!

Please check out this cover and share your thoughts on how you feel about it.

This session was recorded at the University of Tromsø at the faculty of fine arts/Music Conservatory. Pictures and sound engineering by Emil Bekkevold.


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