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Multitalented musician, guitarist, and composer Omer B engineers such sonic excellence with “Healing Strings”

With this new project, multitalented musician, guitarist, and composer Omer B brings a divine energy and holistic approach to music composition that it is guaranteed to leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul. By collaborating with some of the best instrument players, Omer was able to create a raw masterpiece that transcends time and place—this is music for your heart, soul, and mind!

The sound has been created with proficient instrumental interchanges; the music features a fascinating blend of instruments, sometimes highlighting the guitar, cello, and drums, other times emphasizing the bass, drums, and guitar; and to round it off, before the track ends, we get this invigorating concoction of all the instruments.

On the mic is the sweet-sounding and beautifully haunting voice of Clara Sophia, who does really well to breathe life into the song with her alluring vocals.

Yossi Fine displays impressive virtuosity on the bass, while Glenn Welman brings a strong presence on the drums. Polina Faustova adds such elegance and depth with the cello.

Omer B is not left behind, displaying such awe-inspiring showmanship and sublime guitar virtuosity, backed by his charisma and confidence.

The sheer amount of technical dexterity on display is marvelous, and the end result is a healing and uplifting masterpiece brimming with melody, impressive showmanship and awe-inspiring musicality.

This is such a great combination of cello and vocals to authenticate beautiful harmonies and melodies. I was in awe of the fretless; it is simply lyrical and gentle.

Simply put, “Healing Strings” is an original and unusual composition with a beautiful melody and excellent arrangement, backed by a soulful and pleasant voice to exude such artistic flair!

It is little surprise that the track already has over 92K YouTube views and a ton of appreciative comments below it; it deserves every major critical acclaim coming its way!

“Healing Strings” is streaming on all the major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Follow the attached link for the chance to watch this live performance video, Make sure you subscribe to Omer B’s channel, like this video, and leave a comment below it!

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