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Immerse Yourself In The Lush Soundscape Omer B Crafts In His Dazzling Single “Little Four Points”.

A magnificent project by any measure, Omer B’s latest collaborative tour de force, “Little four points” unfurls with infectious carefree energy, setting the stage for an instrumental masterpiece that spans several influences from rock to funk, backed by an invigorating blend of electric guitar that has been picked with such virtuosity and the extra flair added by the flute lead. The drums have been nicely spread throughout, and the bass adds that depth and sonic elegance to an already enticing tune that has been lovingly arranged, excellently produced, and proficiently executed!

After listening to this arrangement, I honestly feel that there are levels to this game because for a sound to come out exactly like this—so rich and warm and still invokes strong emotions—is no mean feat. This is the mark of accomplished instrumental playing: coming up with a unique and equally accessible sound that speaks to your emotions as if they were a person!

A special mention goes to Omer B’s collaborators: Glenn Welman, who works diligently on the drums; Ana pshokina proves herself to be a virtuosic bass player; Adi B, who then shines with the glamorous flute; and Omer B, who rounds out the sound with such inimitable guitar playing, capturing some insane electric riffs as the track progresses.

Such is the power of music that you really don’t need the words to be emotionally gratified. This track is a shining example of high-caliber musicianship and a true reflection of the lengths artists will go to in order to create something that truly stands the test of time.

“Little four points” was also such a befitting title for this intriguing piece that is expected to be on heavy rotation everywhere as well as on major editorial playlists across multiple streaming platforms.

To stream and add the track to your own playlist, check out the link below!


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