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Canada-based hip-hop and rap emcee Oscar Biggs takes it back to the basics with his new masterpiece, dubbed “Boomerang”

Oscar Biggs didn’t come here to play; he seriously means business as he ebbs and flows with a luxuriously stylish swagger and raw authenticity and musicianship, pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and rap in his own unique ways. In an attempt to preserve hip-hop culture and entertain, Oscar Biggs gives you a bit of nostalgia with a twist of today. He bridges the gap between two generations, earning him widespread intrigue.

Right now, the late spring and incoming summer belong to Oscar Biggs and his new masterpiece, “Boomerang,” an outstanding piece of hip-hop music that is guaranteed to take you back to the old school times as you vibe to it on repeat.

I’ve seen artists integrate fascinating narratives into their music, but none quite pack the same punch and tell their stories with such heartfelt conviction, profundity, and vivid panache as Oscar does in this masterpiece.

This masterpiece features witty lyricism and visual metaphors that provoke imagery and thoughts. The beat has been set to an old-school melody with modern twists to appeal to a wider demographic.

“Boomerang” embodies hip-hop culture from head to toe…this is what hip-hop music feels like, and Oscar Biggs ensures that you remember his name with that impeccable, thought-provoking flow and masterful, fascinating lyrical content.

In a short span of time since its release, “Boomerang” has already received critical acclaim from popular channels; for example, the track boasts over 11.4K Spotify streams, and the accompanying music video, which was shot in Turin, Italy, has over 11K YouTube views.

“Boomerang” is a bona fide standout guaranteed to hit you right in the feels. The track slaps, the visuals are amazing, and the lyrical delivery is top-notch…what more could a listener want?

To experience this revival of old-school rap in “Boomerang”, follow the attached link, subscribe to Oscar Biggs’ YouTube channel, give the music video a thumbs up, share it, and leave a comment below…run it up for Oscar Biggs!

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