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New York-based indie rock outfit Otis Infrastructure’s single, “In A Room,” is a wild, untamed beast of experimental rock that’ll grab your soul and refuse to let go!

Capturing the essence and purity of rock with a modern-day experimental twist, 3-piece band Otis Infrastructure mix retro style and groove for a lightning-charged, vintage and futuristic style all their own. Led by the transcendent lead guitarist and vocalist Dean Essner, Otis Infrastructure leaves the most discerning music fans with little left to ask for at the end of any live show. Indie rock is often played badly, but like any other genre, there are those that can rise above the mediocre and demonstrate real flair; this trio’s music gives listeners a glimpse of how committed they are to their song craft as well as authenticity.

Their latest release, “In A Room” is one of the lead singles off their highly anticipated album of the same title, which will officially release on January 18, 2024.

The intro alone signals that this is a magical track, undeniable in its appeal. That blend of crashing guitars, the powerful drums and bass licks, and just how it is played repeatedly for a good 40 seconds creates such a riveting rhythmic pattern that gets the song off to an ear-catching start.

“In A Room” definitively proves that the rock n’ roll genre is alive and well. This track features all the classic elements of Otis Infrastructure – sexy grooves, an infectious rhythm, and Essner’s soaring guitar work and unmistakable vocals.

This song is a very good sonic exploration of who they are as a band—classic rock with a modern experimental twist. The result is something dynamic and unique that defies the conventions of genre.

Generously, they end the song just as they started it—with that hauntingly beautiful rhythmic pattern, taking the track to a climax.

“In A Room” is a worthy addition to any rock playlist. Make sure you follow the attached link below to add this great song to your own playlist!

Follow Otis Infrastructure everywhere for real-time updates on their live shows, gigs as well as their upcoming album.


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