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Brooklyn-based star Pastor Weed is back with an infectious birthday anthem dubbed “If Today’s Your Birthday”

As someone who was destined to become a juggernaut in the entertainment world from a young age, Brooklyn-based multifaceted artist Pastor Weed has definitely lived up to the hype. Having forged a musical path since the 90s, he has grown, maturing like fine wine, gaining depth, range, and emotional resonance that has touched the world over. He is also one of the many successful indie stories, having ditched his record label and decided to focus on himself. Look at how that turned out… not bad, huh? His knack for connecting with people on a personal level and his ingenious ways of presenting music in multiple ways have turned random listeners into lifelong fans. His music, carefully shaped from the ever-evolving musical world, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to authenticity and innovation.

Pastor Weed returns with an epic banger, an irresistible birthday anthem dubbed “If Today’s Your Birthday,” which is a blend of his various influences performed with that Caribbean twist. In this track, he features another Brooklyn-based artist, Tre$$ and together, they conjure a highly energetic and sing-along anthem to play on repeat.

With this raw masterpiece, Pastor Weed blends the signature soca sound with invigorating afrobeats. The result is something seriously captivating that inspires you to dance with carefree abandon, lingering even after the final notes have disappeared.

The chorus is catchy and unforgettable…the kind that stays with you long after the music has stopped, and that’s how you know that this track is truly magical.

I love how the blend of dancehall and afrobeats has been seamlessly achieved here, backed by such striking storytelling and powerful delivery to leave you with something to reflect on even after the song is no more.

I envy those celebrating birthdays soon, as they’ll have the perfect soundtrack to play on repeat, dancing joyfully on their special day!

Already streaming on all the popular digital platforms globally, make sure you follow the link below to add this song to your playlist and share it with your friends.

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