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Canadian Rapper And Artist PDG Stephen Introduces “Feelings”, A Fusion Of Authentic Rap Technique And Heartfelt Emotion.

An openly vulnerable hip-hop artist taking the music world by storm and drawing influences from artists like Juice Wrld, PDG Stephen is an authentic wordsmith with a no-frills approach to his rap technique, capturing listeners’ attention through his raw emotion, hardships, and in-depth musical knowledge to fuel his creativity into any song he creates. His innate competency to paint life in vivid detail and express his emotions, thoughts, or perceptions in ways that many can resonate with is what makes his music intriguing as well as masterful. With a strong desire to not only make music he loves but also make his listeners feel less alone in their feelings, he continues to hone his skills across all aspects of rapping, backed by a persistent approach, mental strength, and inspired energy—all destined to make his name memorable throughout the music industry.

“Feelings” is the kind of track that, with just one listen, and it leaves an indelible imprint on you. That’s made possible by the undeniably catchy beat as well as infectious rhymes and hooks guaranteed to linger in your mind for the rest of the day.
That’s what sets emcees like PDG Stephen apart; he is not only a rapper but an artist as well, and that’s why he dexterously packs such an appropriate punch with his delivery, effortlessly blurring the lines between rapping and singing.

If you have ever been head over heels for someone and you felt this irresistible urge to be vulnerable and confess your ‘feelings’ to them, then this track hits closer to home. Especially if that someone feels like the right person at the perfect moment—like a soulmate rescuing your heart.

The execution here is nothing short of pristine; PDG Stephen lusciously slinks through the catchy, deep beat with such lucidity and command, transporting a listener into a world manufactured by his own thoughts and emotions, allowing them to find their own connections with the lyrics.

To immerse yourself in the vibe of this track, make sure you follow the link below and add this jam to your playlist.


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