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The North Florida nu-disco/electronic dance music producers, Pearl Poet, bring a level of innovation to a timeless hit of escapism, “Tartaria – Diamond Remix,” featuring Eva Moon.

Tapping into and exploring those infinite sonic rabbit holes is what Pearl Poet does best; this North Florida electronic music producer and songwriter trio brings that boundary-pushing approach with their music that defies categorization, straddling the realms of electro pop, house, EDM, synth pop, and its affiliate cinematic sounds. All this is then backed by top-notch and high-end live visuals to fashion electrifying performances guaranteed to move any electronic music aficionado.

With “Tartaria – Diamond Remix”, Pearl Poet condenses electro-pop, ethereal sounds, house, and EDM into an unexpected but fascinating experience, enveloping listeners in an electro-frenzy dance floor experience that feels liberating.

Captivating listeners in a fresh and invigorating way, Pearl Poet proficiently balances hypnotic rhythms with nostalgic dance elements that inspire movement, complemented by intriguing and unpredictable aspects that command attention.

There is something about this track that makes it the best accompaniment on a solo drive, and there’s always something liberating about taking a solo drive—the open road spreads out ahead of you, offering a sense of freedom and possibility that’s hard to find anywhere else, and this beautiful track actually captures this feeling to absolute perfection.

The accompanying visual is cinematic and eye-catching; I was particularly intrigued by the towering sand castle and the strikingly beautiful and professionally blended crystal clear sceneries that complement this song perfectly, both in symbolism and storyline.

“Tartaria – Diamond Remix” is energetic and uplifting, with a very immersive, ethereal, and synthetic side to the arrangement guaranteed to leave a listener feeling inspired and invigorated because it packs so much punch and a lot of fantastic energy.

The pulsating beats and hypnotic rhythm create a transportive experience for the audience, encouraging listeners to lose themselves in the music and dance the night away, without any inhibitions.

This tune is also a seamless fit with Eva Moon, the guest feature, who stamps a memorable imprint with her artistic presence!

To fully experience this masterpiece, follow the attached link, subscribe to Pearl Poet’s YouTube channel, support the release, add the track to your playlist, and spread the word. Every bit of support counts!

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