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Fast-Scaling Versatile Artist Pepe Dadon Has a New Sentimental Single Dubbed “What Are We?”

Pepe Dadon’s music is the blend of art and his own life; everything that motivates and moves him added to the professional context of creative art that leads to the distillation of the perfect sound he is thrilled to be its face. This young artist prides himself on his versatility as he goes on to tap into raw feelings and emotions to deliver timeless sounds. Life hasn’t always been a walk in the park for him but through the adversities and trifling complexities, he has come out on the other side stronger and more aware of his primal abilities; – this is in a way transferred into his own music as he seeks to build something different that will impact not only him but the society as a whole!

Currently riding on the wave of momentum his debut album “My side of the Story” has created, Pepe Dadon is beginning to demand attention with the music industry on notice of his unique idiosyncratic gifts and it’s no surprise that his latest track “what are we” surpassed 10,000 streams within a week of its release.

The track “what are we” has all the melancholic and nostalgic signs of a relationship written all over it and owing to the inspiration behind this imposing tune, I feel that that cover art is quite telling- a very clever depiction of what the track is about.

The intro that features pure fantastical guitar is nothing short of a thing of melodic beauty- fits in perfectly and prepares a listener for this warm and emotional tune. The guitar instrumentation then blends with the synths& pads, the steady bass and some drums to evoke a deep R&B melody with hints of pop and hip-hop for genre-defying results.

Pepe Dadon is vulnerable here and his warm and euphonious male vocals slink with command and raw emotions over the instrumentations as he goes on to deliver the words from his heart. The words behind the lyrics echo a somewhat sad feeling about someone who is doing everything to keep a relationship alive, but it feels like it is slipping away from their fingers and they are not ready to let go.

Deeply relatable and performed from the heart and soul, I have no doubt many listeners will enjoy this track wholeheartedly!

“What are we?” is out now on all platforms; follow the attached link and make this tune a favorite to always go back to!

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