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Experience the dynamic sounds of Portugal-based music producer PHARI’s latest project, “Broken Mind”.

Music, especially electronic dance music, has the power to transport audiences to different places with its vibrant and haunting fusion of intricate rhythms, driving melodies, and irresistible energy. PHARI, a music producer based in Portugal, has an insatiable passion for music, stemming from his love of both music and technology. As such, he has been at the helm of a captivating sonic journey that melds the worlds of EDM and pop together. He has a natural affinity for music that stirs the soul and invites listeners to the dance floor, where all their worries dissolve and nothing else matters; just the music!

PHARI returns with an epic, transportive, and deeply personal body of work dubbed “Broken Mind” which explores the intricacies of his own experiences through the lenses of self-discovery and reflection. This 6-song collection unfolds like a well-crafted novel, exploring the themes of love, deception, freedom, mental strength, and resilience. This collection transcends infectious, deep-driving, and energetic melodies, embodying a part of PHARI as he pours all of himself into creating something that transcends mere melodies and connects with its audience on a deep, emotional level.

“Crazy Love” evokes emotions that words alone cannot capture. That ecstatic blend of rhythm and melody is a brilliant reflection of its title. For those who never let a good beat go to waste, the track compels you to move in time with its rhythm. This song feels like a part of your spirit has been set on fire, and the burning pieces are dropping at the same pace as the melodies. The female vocals join around the 1:33 mark and elevate the song to new heights, melding attractively with the deep driving beat, atmospheric synths, cinematic samples, and electronic cadence.

“Start Again” is another special tour de force from this exciting collection. It is hauntingly beautiful, with the enchanting vocals alluring the mind, body, and soul and adding that anthemic sensation that one can’t get enough of. Here, the smoothness of pop meets the thrill of house to exude irresistible ear candy. This music feels like chocolate and transports a listener to a different realm as the ethereal pads, striking percussion, synths, and precise basslines wrap around a listener like a warm embrace.

“Fooling Me Twice” is angst-fueled with an uncontainable energy, perhaps mirroring its deeply emotional inspiration. The powerful female vocals match the high intensity of the instrumentation, making this jam the perfect accompaniment in that workout session.

The beat in “Free Tribe” feels like paradise, offering a liberating experience. Listening to it unfold, one feels liberated from the shackles of limiting beliefs. allowing you to embrace the freedom from within as you surrender to the gentle yet powerful, expressive, and haunting appeal of the music.

“Keeps Me High” features some beautiful vocals that set the tone for this track even before the beats join in. The vocals are very conspicuous and bright and illuminate the song, laying the foundation for the thrilling soundscape that soon unravels with a captivating venom.

The last track, “State of Mind” features a consistent rhythmic foundation that haunts its listeners like ghosts of forgotten dreams. A reflection of the mental state, this tour de force is wavy and infectious, as PHARI meticulously allows for each and every element of the song to work closely together to achieve what the song was intended to.

So far, “Broken Mind” has already amassed over 114K Spotify streams and counting; a testament to its haunting appeal and PHARI’s own production ingenuity to create something that transcends genre conventions and narratives.

Stream this epic masterpiece and incorporate your favorite tracks into your cherished playlist.


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