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Experience the sound of relaxation as you meditate with Piano432hz’s series EP “Heartbeat, Vol.2”

Fleeing from solitude could end up being a catastrophe for the soul. With this in mind, I’m honored to introduce to you Markus Runge, alias Piano432hz, a musician and healer using the subtle touch of the piano to speak to the hearts and minds of listeners. The music speaks; you just have to listen. The beauty of his creativity allows him to express nature, real life, and otherworldly things with just a touch of his skilled fingers. After creating something worthy of fanfare with “Heartbeat, Vol. 1,” Markus returns with “Heartbeat, Vol. 2” — music that speaks to the heart as much as the soul. Listen!

Spanning 11 minutes and 7 seconds, this is the soundtrack of relaxation and meditation. If “Whispered Souls” had another title, I’d happily call it “The Ghosts of Forgotten Dreams.” You ask why? Well, the music feels like a dream in a quiet night, after a tough day, and the heavy sleep takes over. The piano tunes are sweet… so sweet like a lullaby. What’s not to love about such a soothing sound as this?

If a heartbeat had a melodic rhythm, it would sound exactly like “Heartbeat Sonata.” Thoughtful and introspective, this music speaks to you, and guess what? All you have to do is listen… is that too much to ask? No, that’s what I thought.

The way the piano in “Up and Down” is played feels like you’re repeating the same pattern… except you’re not, and it is haunting. It’s like déjà vu and it is intriguing. I guess it is the ups and downs of life, or the intricacies of life, fed by nature itself. You’ve got to love this jam, bro!

“The Beat Flows in You” — and it does. You can feel it, and when you do, you can hear it. This is the kind of melody that is less heard and more felt; it is the beat that flows to your heart and leaves a lasting impression on the heart and soul of its listener.

Smooth, endearing, and enchanting, “Pulse of Dark Night” is also dramatic and feels like it belongs in a film soundtrack. When Hans Zimmer scores a film, you always feel the impact as he complements the scene; he heightens the emotional effect of what’s happening. This is the exact same feeling I got from this track. This track resonates with the intensity of a scene in a film. Markus understood the assignment.

Enough with the words; how about you listen to the music and feel it… you are bound to anyway because this is the kind of music that is felt beyond the five senses!

I hope you enjoy it as Markus enjoyed creating it.


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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