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Spokane’s Rising Emcee PIVE Delivers an Inspirational Masterpiece with “Follow Our Souls”

Ever since he stepped into the music game, Spokane, Washington-based hip-hop and rap artist PIVE has established himself as one of the most powerful emcees in the independent music scene, and his rise to international acclaim has not been any fluke; he’s earned every bit of it with his authentic and relatable style of rap music that balances the edge of old school with the punch of modern rap for something with a crossover appeal. He speaks to the mic like it’s his personal diary and lets his soul bleed in ways that connect to the listener on a deep emotional level.

“Follow Our Souls” is his latest project and the first chapter off of his upcoming series “I Will Forever Be Act 3,” the final installment of the critically acclaimed series album “I Will Forever Be.”

This track is an inspirational masterpiece; the way PIVE vividly tells his story through rap is captivating. The message in this song is so powerful, inspiring, and deeply relatable, and the way a listener gets drawn in by PIVE’s raw lyricism and his unique voice is why you simply can’t get enough of it.

“Follow Our Souls” is concrete proof that rap can be both hard-hitting and emotional at the same time. At its heart, this track borrows inspiration from PIVE’s own affirmation on how he’s following his soul in music, which is then reflected on the listener and is a reminder for them to follow their dreams no matter what because that is where their gratification lies.

You’ve got to love the positive message behind the lyrics…we need more of that in rap. That blend of modern and classic rap elements does not go unnoticed. The soulful chorus is guaranteed to remain stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

“Follow Our Souls” has been accompanied by such a top-notch music video production; the visuals are on point and perfectly fit the track’s narrative and essence.

To watch this music video as you get inspired by PIVE’s authentic lyricism, follow the attached link, subscribe to PIVE’s channel, like the video, and add this masterpiece to your playlist.

To be part of PIVE’s evolutionary journey, follow him on Instagram.

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