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Ladies and gentlemen, PIVE’s “I Will Forever Be Act 3″, the grand finale to his highly acclaimed series album, is here, and it is exceptional.

With a hunger to assert his lyrical dominance, a pen game replete with masterful bars and creatively referential rhymes, Spokane, Washington’s native and the rap and hip hop industry’s BIG THING, PIVE returns with the third and final installment to his deservedly acclaimed series album, “I Will Forever Be” – a trailblazing journey that began back in 2021. The second installment was delivered in 2022, and now the third installment is here with us. Undoubtedly, I have been a fan ever since he dropped the very first project.

You see, for rappers like PIVE, you get more than just the raps; he blurs the genre lines with an artistry that is defined by impact. He doesn’t make music just for the sake of it. Music allowed him to navigate through some of the darkest moments of his life. Moments later, he hit rock bottom, and where there was seemingly no hope, the pen, paper, and his voice proved to be his messiah. This theme is heavily referenced in this new project. Music is so much more than art, a creative outlet, or a career for him; music is his life. He is music, and music is him!

This project is rooted in the traditionalism of the genre; there’s something for everyone and plenty of motivation to remind you that when you follow your heart and gut, you can never go wrong. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

The opener, “Ghost Like,” is a raw masterpiece! That’s some serious lyrical depth! For anyone who has ever doubted PIVE’s abilities, he lyrically makes them eat their words with this track, where his lyrical prowess looms large over the stunning beat like a ghost’s shadow! The way this beat intensifies each time is hypnosis-inducing. He lyrically assures any doubters that this is what he does, and he won’t stop until his last day.

Accompanying “Ghost Like” is an equally powerful music video shot in the most haunted cemetery in Spokane. In this video, he features actress and model Romey Fox, who nails her role with impressive efficiency and professionalism. As for the choice of the filming location, that’s quite daring. Kudos to them!

“Scarecrow” features a cinematic intro with guitars as PIVE sets the tone in a sing-song technique, then dominates as the beat drops harder, confronting his critics with fiery lyrics and a memorable hook.

“Sidekick” starts off with a mellow keyboard before the bass-draped beat comes in, complemented by PIVE’s emotion-packed vocals. He reminds the audience that he doesn’t need a sidekick, subtly hinting at record labels that doubted him. Now, as an independent artist, he’s backed by his fans and family.

“Level Up” stands out with its blend of old-school and contemporary influences, self-empowering lyrics, and PIVE’s expressive vocals.

“Follow Our Souls” is a soulful, smooth track embodying rap music. PIVE is both relaxed and expressive, sharing mature and emotional rhymes from a personal place.

I could really go on and on, but I’d like to leave some to the imagination. Since you’re intrigued, follow the link below, immerse yourself in this exceptional listening experience, and you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the recommendation.

“I Will Forever Be Act 3” is the project of the year. Drake’s “For All The Dogs” is a notable second!

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