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Spokane-Based Hip Hop Sensation PIVE’s “The Upside Down” Underscores His Signature Killer Moves!

If you haven’t already heard of PIVE, you should; this Spokane, Washington-based hip-hop artist has been making a name for himself with his dynamic blend of intimate storytelling and complex lyricism. Combining his reverence for classic hip-hop with a forward-thinking and visionary mentality, he creates an authentic sound that is full of elaborate flows, thought-provoking observations, and punchline-heavy cadences.

His critically acclaimed series album, “I Will Forever Be,” established PIVE as a vitally important new voice in American hip hop music and planted a salient flag for a career destined to flourish in an industry in quest of new exciting talent.

“The Upside Down” is PIVE’s own version of “Stranger Things” events in hip hop, and he surely nails the performance on the head with that dangerously tasty lyrical detonation over the atmospheric beats.

He is lethal, and he stings with a certain lyrical venom that curses through the listener’s body, mind, and soul, exuding a deadly sensation!

“The Upside Down” has been accompanied by a visually stunning video that focuses on PIVE’s delivery…it’s simple and really enough based on the context of this masterpiece—something you wouldn’t mind watching all the way to the conclusion.

PIVE has some super dope news, and I am so excited to share it with you: – the third and final edition of “I Will Forever Be” is expected to be released in October 2023.

The first and lead single off of this album, “Follow Our Souls,” will officially be released this coming April 28, 2023, and is a track you don’t want to imagine missing out on, let alone missing out on!

All the floodgates to thrills and excitement are about to be opened, and I’m just glad I get to witness history being made all over again; PIVE promises to close this series album in style.

As we patiently wait for that promised masterpiece, follow the attached link and let “The Upside Down” be your daily and timely reminder of just how good PIVE is…in fact, how insanely great he is!

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