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Emcee Pjtoohot, based in Albemarle, weaves heartfelt stories and emotions into the soulful sounds of “1994”.

Music is more than just art; it embodies power, impact, and intention.…it is the power it possesses, the impact it harbors, and the intention with which it was made! When it comes to hip-hop music, there are so many artists and emcees out there who are reminding us of the core foundation it was built on: storytelling and creatively expressing real life. As such, it is very gratifying to listen to artists like Pjtoohot who are restoring the lost glory of the sound with their conscious sound that allows you to relate to the music in your own unique ways. His music comes from the deepest parts of his heart and soul. He tells those lived experiences in lyrically captivating ways, blending such heartfelt storytelling with poetic finesse.

And even with his latest project, “1994”, each note is a memory, each verse a chapter of his life, and each beat is a sanctuary for all these emotions and feelings. By delving deep into the creative process, Pjtoohot gives us his mental journey from growing up to being a teenager and being an artist seeking to leave his indelible mark on the music industry and, more importantly, help others cope in the way music helped him find solace.

“1994” hits closer to home thanks to its deeply relatable themes regarding insecurities, feeling inadequate, growing up with little to no support system, loneliness, resoluteness, and basically grappling with unfamiliar territories all by yourself until you navigate your own way.

The intro, “Therapy Session 1” introduces us to what this album is all about. Mirroring a real-life therapy session, this intro sees Pjtoohot talk about things that he’s dealing with, including feeling insecure, lost, misunderstood, and overlooked all the time. And while it may feel all melancholic and hopeless, there is actually hopeful encouragement that it is through this seemingly dark wave that we sometimes find our way—or, in this case, find ourselves.

“Confessions Freestyle” is the mark of a first-class performer. This tune sees Pjtoohot unleash some rapid-fire, thought-provoking freestyles, capturing real emotions that touch on strong feelings of being lost, misunderstood, and the inherent power within a human to want to find his way and purpose in life in order to leave a legacy. The beat is hypnotic and creates the perfect backdrop that delightfully complements Pjtoohot’s powerful flows.

The performance in “Nothing Special” is as smooth as butter and sees Pjtoohot turn the dismissive words from other people to his own advantage to change his fortunes…selling this inspiring and indomitable personality to a listener. Most of the time, we’ve been made to appear smaller, inadequate, or inferior for others to thrive, but not anymore…this is a timely reminder to never settle for less because you have it in you to reach and surpass greatness. At the track’s heart is that powerful hook, where the gist of this track resides.

“We Know” is another bona fide standout, and I love its filmic quality; the production really is different from the others, with more cinematic instrumental influences added to augment the track’s meaningful message. Displaying such a hunger to assert his lyrical dexterity, Pjtoohot blends some intricate wordplay and impeccable flows, backed by his emotive delivery that accentuates the weight of the lyrics.

The keyboard foundation in “Insecurities” is powerful and sets the tone as Pjtoohot reels a listener in with the catchy repeated phrases “dealing with insecurities” before going on to deliver an inimitable lyrical narrative that captures familiar feelings of insecurities and raw emotions of feeling as if you are not good enough. He maintains such a strong presence with his mature flows; the depth of lyricism is matched only by the skillful execution of the beat!

“Your Life Is The Best” is another sentimental masterpiece that sees Pjtoohot delve into the thick of his tumultuous childhood with a dysfunctional family delivered with a sense of optimism to keep a listener self-empowered!

“1994” is truly unique, inspiring, and relatable, and you don’t find so many of them on hip-hop records today. May I suggest that you take some time to indulge in this powerful piece of art and let us know what you think?


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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