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Up-and-coming indie rapper and producer PoochTooth is set to release his new track titled “Scorpio Shit.”

With a forward-thinking and visionary mentality and everything to live for, Los Angeles, California-based hip-hop and punk emcee and producer PoochTooth is making waves in the industry. This skilled wordsmith has a talent for weaving fascinating narratives from concepts that might appear vague and random to others. Within him is a voice of many hues, and he is adept at adopting various personas that allow him to present music in many forms while still managing to maintain a consistent rap brand. This makes him the artist to keep an eye and an ear out for, as his journey is just beginning and, before long, the world will be hailing his marvelous and exceptional talents.

On November 11, 2023, PoochTooth will release his highly anticipated track titled “Scorpio Shit” where he will showcase why he deserves the spotlight while delivering erudite flows and punchlines akin to those of esteemed rap icons.

“Scorpio Shit,” a track that celebrates individuality, underscores the importance of always being true to ourselves because that defines our essence. Therefore, compromising our personalities, principles, loyalties, and identities, no matter what, means we will have lost ourselves.

“Scorpio Shit” is as entertaining as it is empowering and inspiring, and that right here reflects PoochTooth’s artistic foundation; he does not only want to create entertaining bangers but also wants to pass introspective and informative messages as well, packaging them in ways that resonate with a wide audience.

The pre-save link for “Scorpio Shit” is out. Follow PoochTooth on Instagram and access the link in his bio to pre-save this tune and wait for one incredible masterpiece that will certainly make you a new fan of PoochTooth.

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