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Indie psych-folk artist Pranatricks has released a captivating music video for his latest single, “Birds and the Bees”

Pranatricks has spent his entire life collecting experiences and channeling them into his songs. With a distinct style, he has been hitting the big time with his clear-cut voice and mature lyrics. He draws inspiration for his songs from plausible experiences, imaginative narratives, and events, giving the lyrics a very real feeling that is easy to connect with. He breaks the mold in every category and oozes unapologetic authenticity with a sound that has been honed within the realms of indie, alternative rock, and folk sensibilities. He has been able to create an enduring style that navigates a rich palette of alternative rock music infused with folk, shaking up the industry with his debut album, “Cherished,” which earned him widespread critical acclaim from fans, critics, and cultural icons.

Way beyond the disposable rock-folk of today’s world, Pranatricks firmly plants a flag where most musicians fear to tread with his latest single, “Birds and the Bees.” A mysterious jam right from the title down to its skillful execution, this artist delves into a world of fantasy, love, and primal instinct…so consider it a romantic rock ballad and immerse yourself in it!

The magnified vocal line weaves through the electric guitar foundation with subtle confidence as Pranatricks imparts life into his unmistakable vocal tones. As the track builds, the addition of the piano and percussion from the drums brings more depth and complexity, while the intricate synth lines provide a crystal-clear polish to the arrangement.

The trumpets in the brass section add flair and sonic elegance to this jam, while the synths, played in a rapid sequence, create a chorus-like effect that elevates the jam and accentuates the weight of this intimate feeling born from a misunderstanding as the characters strive to reconcile their differences amidst their strong affection for one another.

This truly stands out, and the song’s theme is relevant, and the music video is simple but striking. The video features Pranatricks performing in front of a wood stove and sometimes in the forest as he dances with carefree abandon. The inclusion of a masked figure in certain scenes adds an element of whimsy to the video.

To experience this stunning work of art, visit the link provided, make sure you subscribe to Pranatricks’ YouTube channel, like this video, and share it widely.

“Birds and the Bees” is a single from his forthcoming sophomore album, “Elements of,” set to release on April 4, 2024.

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