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Texas-based up-and-coming songstress QueenAilin is set to release her highly anticipated single “Quiero Bailar.”

Based out of San Antonio, Texas, QueenAilin is a phenomenally gifted songbird who is determined to fulfill all her aims and dreams through her God-given talents. Her life goal is to inspire others through her music and optimistic attitude. As someone who has always found sanctuary in music ever since she was of tender age, her primary goal is to touch the souls of others through her music, which will endure for many generations, ultimately providing listeners with an emotional listening experience that will uplift, inspire, and heal them.

As an artist, QueenAilin does not believe in self-limitation when it comes to her creativity, and that is why her sound really feels like coming of age. It is the Latin pop sound that joyfully breaches boundaries; the sound of a still-searching talent discovering what it means to be truly free.

QueenAilin is set to release her highly anticipated single titled “Quiero Bailar,” a delightfully charming pop masterpiece with Latin influences thanks to its seamless blend of English and Spanish melodies and lyrics, on May 19, 2023.

“Quiero Bailar” is an upbeat, fun, and catchy track that has been decorated with QueenAilin’s angelic vocals as she breathes life to the track’s lyrical narrative.

What you can anticipate is a magical, haunting, and mystical track that makes listeners want to dance as soon as the exceptionally arranged beats start to kick in.

Taking charge of her creative pursuits, QueenAilin plans on making new songs as she gains newer and better tools to help capture her artistic endeavors.

Putting a refreshing twist on her musical influences while staying true to her original sound, there is plenty of room to explore for this 22-year-old budding pop artist with her whole future ahead of her.

The pre-save link for “Quiero Bailar’ is now available. Follow the attached link so as to be among the first to experience this authentic masterpiece when it officially debuts on May 19, 2023.

pre save

QueenAilin is currently signed with the independent record label Imperial Elite Music Group. Together with Imperial Elite, QueenAilin are working on her album which will be released when the timing is right.

To keep in touch with QueenAilin, please follow her on Instagram.

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