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Versatile Brazilian musician Rafael Jannotti packs quite a bit of energy and a strong message with his first-ever solo release, “If I Could.”

They say that good things take time. Looking at the journey that singer-songwriter, producer, and artist Rafael Jannotti has undergone to be where he currently is, that statement couldn’t be truer. Rafael began his musical journey, marked by constant evolution and discovery, by performing covers at live gigs in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His captivating covers enthralled audiences, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and setting the foundation for his own evolution. He soon started collaborating with DJs to create shimmery EDM tracks before deciding to expand his creative vision by venturing into music production himself. All of this has contributed to making him a complete artist. He is an artist ready to unleash his unique music on the global stage. His melodies are poised to captivate; his lyrics are set to resonate; and his presence is destined to enrapture audiences far and wide.

His first solo release, “If I Could” marks a significant milestone in his odyssey of sonic transcendence.

Rafael’s meaningful lyrics resonate with wisdom and emotional depth as the synth-wave and cyberpunk energy of the intro for “If I Could” sets a retro tone for the song. The lines, “Aiming at the stars, going higher and higher, like a race car going faster and faster…” encapsulate the track’s essence of embracing inherent determination and unlocking boundless potential.

The emphatic drums, cinematic keys, driving percussion, and striking riffs underscore that pop-rock thrill, with the overall production hitting a listener right in the nostalgia! Rafael’s emotive, expressive, and self-assured vocals bring out the emotions with commanding quality, making this an unforgettable anthem.

The irresistibly catchy and memorable chorus makes this a sing-along anthem and resonates with a listener’s soul every time. The track has already garnered positive buzz for its magnetic pull right from the opening notes. You can feel the adrenaline surge through your veins as you become one with this empowering anthem.

The track’s positive tone and rhythmic flow are guaranteed to touch you profoundly as you connect with it.

“If I Could” remarkably ignites motivation, encouraging anyone to push beyond their limits and embrace their true potential.

Join the movement of empowered dream-chasers who have found their anthem in “If I Could.” Press play and let Rafael Jannotti take you on a euphoric ride towards an unstoppable you!


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