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Enjoy a Deliciously Crafted Musical Feast as Recording Artist Rafѐu Releases His First New EP “Y,Luv”

Rafѐu Y,Luv

The heavens are rejoicing, the whole of the musical hemisphere has been colored with the sweet imaginative sounds of Berlin’s own born and raised son who goes by the stage name Rafѐu – a recording singer/songwriter and an awesome performer to add to that. He has a plethora of gifts at his disposal seeing he has also been a dancer, theatre artist, TV host and also stunningly passionate musical performer who leave no emotion to spare when he gets in the studio. He epitomizes magnificence, exquisite extravagance and theatrical fascination; he is truly a terrific musician!

“Y,Luv” is his first-ever EP  and is a 5-piece musical collection that reflects on the marvelous happiness, uncommon exuberance, and striking beauty of life and love delivered in absolutely intelligent melodic tracks that will speak to a listener’s heart directly. The 5-piece artistic collection is made up of the songs: “Moonlight”, “I just wanna know”, “Forever”, “You are mine” and “Dream”.

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The uniquely and finely curated tracks speak of an enchantment that love alone affords while the mystical wisp of the abundant instruments on display slowly washes over a listener like some spring water in a park! Balancing elite vocal performance with the sometimes deep and other times laid back melodicism, Rafѐu delivers a masterful and genius-level massive quality EP with an authentic sense of joyfulness that melts a listener’s heart with the elegance heat it emits!

The opening track “Moonlight” has already amassed over 50 K streams in a short period and it is easy to understand why; the track is overflowing with delicacy and charm right from the start as the hypnotic touch of the harmonic piano sends a wave across the rhythm before the heavy bass and powerful allure of the punchy drums that flaunt their danceable qualities boss around backed magnificently by witful balance of the auto-tuned vocals that fit perfectly with the evolving sound like a perfect match! The catchy and memorable hooks will have singing your lungs out as you dance along with like no one’s watching to this gorgeous track. Under the melting glow of the moon is where the hands are raised, moving animatedly and forming a site to behold as the speakers fill the ambiance with a sense of elevated delight.

The same can be said of the other tracks and a listener will get to gravitate toward the alluring aroma of “I just wanna know”, the nostalgic romanticism of ‘Forever”, the emotional honesty of “You are mine” and the dreamy mysticism of “Dream” as the listener’s joyously sinking their musical teeth in. This is an EP for everyone with a wide variety of themes and mesmerizing vocal talents by Rafѐu to leave a lasting impression on a listener listening for the first time. His approach to songwriting carries a multi-faceted appeal bearing a feel and style that stand to charm fans of powerful retro sounds and dreamy genre-diverse ballads while the lyrical content and creative glamour in all the tracks will leave a strong impression on those that take time to listen! The EP is available on all major streaming platforms and you better get to it fast to enjoy your favorite jam from the collection as you stick around to acquaint yourself with the genius compositions of Rafѐu. Let’s go!

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