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RaQuel – Interview

-A lot of great music has been released recently, can you share with us an album or single that you have enjoyed the most?

I love “Nobody Gets Me” by Sza. It’s a classic indie hit, and I’m glad Sza is back!

-If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? That’s a hard one! There are a few places I want to perform. Madison Square Garden (NY) because that’s like a milestone venue in every artists life. Wembley Stadium (LDN) because that’s where Queen had their legendary Live Aid Set. And lastly Jamaica’s National Stadium. My dad is from Portland, and I want to do something in Jamaica just to represent.

-What was your first concert and most recent concert attended?

My first concert was a Chris Brown concert. My most recent was The Roots, they came to Atlanta a few years ago.

Favorite song from “555.” and why?

-My fav is “Ghost”. It was fun to record and the beat makes me want to dance!

Favorite song from “Acoustics” and why?

-Probably “Get Up”. That song is about redemption, and that was kind of the outro to what I feel was such an intimate album. Acoustics was therapeutic for me to create, and Get Up helped me remember to always get up one more time.

-What work or releases are currently scheduled or in progress for 2023?

I got a single dropping asap, and hopefully another album later this year.

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