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Classical music composer Ratyński’s “The Kite and the Rainfall” is an absolutely sublime piece of music.

Ratyński is a kind, gentle, and creative soul who has been making music that is soul-revealing and healing; strumming and picking his guitar with such awe-inspiring showmanship, pouring all of himself out in his music to ensure that the melodies, gracious, and crystal clear progressions appeal to you on a deep emotional level. His discography is a treasure trove of timeless melodies that reflect real-life experiences, nature, and spirituality, touching upon subjects like destiny and beyond.

After stealing his listeners’ hearts and souls with his new album, “WAYOOO”, Ratyński is back with another epic classical tune themed “The Kite and the Rainfall” that features a telling and eye-catching cover art that depicts a Kite floating in rain- perfectly capturing the track’s essence and theme before Ratyński breathes life into the narrative with his impeccable guitar technique.

The tune starts as a bundle of melancholy or maybe tension, but as it slowly and gradually builds up, you can feel the mood of the melodies changing, veering towards a happier and gleeful mood that hits its listener in the right spot.

After listening to this performance numerous times, it has come to my realization that indeed “The Kite and the Rainfall” is a good prescription for depression; this is such a therapeutic piece of composition that anyone can relate to.

Music has always been therapy and, to Ratyński, a portal to express his mind; the song “The Kite and the Rainfall” is a result of his creative expression and a track that deserves to be under the spotlight.

To savor this ear-worming listening experience, follow the attached link and make sure you add this classic-inspired masterpiece to your library.

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