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Swiss-based duo Read the News and Munich producer Naeiiv blend their musical tastes to engineer “Euphoria in Paradise” EP

It is always so surreal to see artists go to extra lengths and out of their comfort zones to create fresh music with universal appeal. This is exemplified by Read The News, a Swiss-based electronic music duo known for breaking electronic music barriers with their extraordinary skills and cadence. They are always willing to explore uncharted musical territories, delivering music that garners international acclaim. Their live performances and mixes are always guaranteed to have crowds dancing the night away in that set of music-inspired delirium.

Their single “Euphoria in Paradise” made a significant impact on the mainstream music industry, leading to their collaboration with Munich-based electronic dance music producer Naeiiv. This new EP builds upon the original composition.

The original track “Euphoria in Paradise” is a special masterpiece that features top-notch production and exquisite arrangement- slowly building from the ground up and gaining pace and depth as the track progresses.

The deep driving beat, outstanding bass line, and hypnotic rhythms make up this bona fide standout that increases your appetite for dancing. The atmospheric synths and ethereal pads add to the sonic elegance and clarity and all through, Read the News ensure they have your attention by improvising as the track progresses.

Lending his unmatched expertise, Naeiiv stamps his indelible imprint on “Euphoria in Paradise – Naeiiv Remix.” The track features his signature cinematic scores layered over a dazzling melody and rhythm. The beat breaks and melodic drops make this quite a sensational piece of music and it is over 6 minutes long!

This track transitions into “Euphoria in Paradise – Naeiiv’s Walk Into Paradise Remix,” with the cinematic melodic design forming the backbone of the composition. A few improvisations throughout ensure this is a captivating body of work that achieves the intentions of both artists.

This is such quality production to fashion a timeless sound that appeals to many ears and a product I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone out there.

To sink your teeth into this musical masterpiece, follow the attached link and save these songs to your playlist.

To find out more about Read the News, check them out on:

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