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Rock on With Chicago-Based Spectra Band Rebels in Stereo’s New EP Titled “Covault”

Rebels in Stereo are a Chicago-based quartet dedicated to the restoration of the diverse styles of rock; from the melodic, less abrasive to the pent-up aggressive and progressive rock, rolling it all together into a sound they are happy to call authentically their own. It is little wonder why this band has gone to great lengths to win over fans and critics alike with that bold, textured sound that takes inspiration from a bold selection of styles.

Their new EP, titled “Covault,” showcases the Rebels in Stereo’s more nuanced, expressive side of their caustic rock sound and truly emphasizes their emphasis on quality

The opening track is the widely acclaimed masterpiece “Lace of Steel,” a powerful, anthemic rock song that has a howling presence. The riffs here are super amazing, and this track has an anthemic feel and never-ending thrill that ingratiates itself with the listener.

This is a sound meant for the big screen, backed by delightfully charming lead vocals and stunning backing vocals. The track is also catchy and infectious, and it is guaranteed to remain embedded in its listener’s minds long after it is over!

“The Standoff” lives up to its title, featuring a melodiously haunting electric guitar riff that sets the tone for the music, followed closely by a soft voice that warms itself up for the listener. The drums and bass then join the mix, blending graciously and with an inescapable vibrancy.

All the while, the lead vocalist is able to make her presence felt over this powerful concoction as she continues breathing life into the lyrical narrative unfazed.

The raucous riffs in the track “Hauntress” lay enough foundation for the tune, flanked by that crystal clear lead voice, the rhythm guitar, and bass, which soon enter, exuding such a neat arrangement that is easy to get lost in.

As the track progresses, it becomes more intense, and the lead vocalist’s voice becomes wildly alive. And as you’ll come to realize, this track balances its melodic and less abrasive moments with aggressive, highly intense moments with such striking efficiency both in instrumentation and vocals—the growling, near-screaming backing vocals, reminiscent of metal genre appeal.

The last tune, “Albatross” is an outstanding over 7-minute masterpiece, and it actually doesn’t feel that long…that’s how you know it is an epic stunner. The well-hit drums and riffs set the tone before the sound takes another twist, with the drums being hit with a bloodthirsty determination and the band allowing the instrumentation to really build and lay the groundwork.

There are tags of glam and metal rock throughout, and I love how, as the track progresses, Rebels in Stereo unleash a timeless medley of rhythm guitar, upright bass, some self-assured vocals, church-like backing harmonies, and even a foreign language, laying a steady foundation with such a strong automotive anthem.

Rebels in Stereo are a highly talented quartet that has become an inimitable champion of Chicago’s hard rock scene, and with “Covault”, they have continued to set the music world on fire.

Come rock with them in this fierce, cataclysmic, and enchanting collection that has so far received positive reviews from the music press.

This is the kind of music that separates Rebels in Stereo from the fold, establishing them as the rock band to keep an eye and ear out for.

The “Covault” EP bridges the gap between stark human moments and wild, untameable energy; offering a unique perspective that only Rebels in Stereo can!

Follow the attached link to stream this EP in its entirety and enjoy this music to the fullest!

To stay ahead of the curve, make sure you follow Rebels in Stereo on Instagram, and for real-time updates, check out their website,

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