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Los Angeles based rapper and songwriter RexoXo delivers a street-quality anthem titled “Disturbing the Peace”

A first-rate second-generation lyricist extraordinaire is what RexoXo is; based out of Los Angeles, California, he has gotten off on the right foot with an epic anthem that is addicting and feels brand new every time you listen to it. RexoXo has a way with words that is second to none, and by tapping into real-life experiences, either his own or others, he is able to transform them into melodies with near-universal appeal as he aims to resonate with unique audiences. As a certified entertainer, he also wants to delve deep into the listener’s senses so as to create that deep connection with his audience and allow them to view things through different lenses, and that is what makes his ability to live out a song unmatched and one that will pin him to the top of the California rap scene!

As I was saying, “Disturbing the Peace” has already disturbed the airwaves in a short period since its release. A ‘feel-good’ type of anthem that translates to the streets as much as it does to the nightclub scene, I have a feeling you will enjoy what RexoXo offers here!

The beats are the Tweeter-tearing ones—hard-hitting and dripping from a fully realized arrangement that features some sparkling snares, thumping basslines, signature 808s, thrashing synths, and expensive drums.

On the vocal front, RexoXo honors the call of duty as he goes on to deliver a masterpiece in rap music transcendence—impeccably balancing the weight of explicit rhymes and quintessentially hard-hitting bars with unforgettable hooks in between like a cherry on top!

If you didn’t already know better, you might mistake his confidence for arrogance…not that he cares, but it’d be good if you also got off on the right foot with him because he is a serious talent with so much to offer, and I’d hate for you to miss out on this impending greatness simply because you have a bruised ego!

Now that I know you are in an enthusiastic mood, how about you follow the attached link and start “Disturbing the Peace” from within and outside of your playlist!

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