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Italian musician and composer Riccardo Cantarelli takes us on a transcendental journey with the album “Nella sfera di Cristallo” (“In the Crystal Sphere”)

With a guitar playing technique that is exceptionally refined and sophisticated, a warm and assuring voice, with lyrical content focusing on social issues and personal experiences, Italian musician, composer, and artist Riccardo Cantarelli has adopted a style that is unique, original, and unlike anything you have heard before. He prefers his music to be analog, embracing a hands-on approach to recording, which means it is recorded live with minimal to no digital manipulation. This is where the authenticity of his music resides, as he offers something that is drawn directly from the source.

Riccardo Cantarelli’s album “Nella sfera di Cristallo” (“In the Crystal Sphere”) offers a captivating journey through 11 tracks of alternative and classical guitar music and soul-stirring vocals. Recorded entirely live, each moment of the album is infused with a raw, analog energy that brings depth and authenticity to the music.

The opener, “Oggi ero felice” (“Today I was happy”), sets the tone with smooth guitar melodies that build gradually, creating a serene atmosphere before Riccardo’s distinct voice enters, delivering beautiful Italian lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners.

Tracks like “Involontariamente vivendo” (“Involuntarily Living”) evoke melancholic emotions through gentle strums and haunting melodies, while “Giovani amori disparate” (“Desperate young loves”) takes listeners on a journey through the complexities of infatuation and longing, illustrating the journey of young lovers desperate for love.

Throughout the album, Cantarelli explores a wide range of themes, from from wretched saints to unfulfilled longing and fearful armies, weaving together a tapestry of emotions and experiences that captivate and uplift the listener. With its transcendent 1970’s vibe and transformative qualities, “Nella sfera di Cristallo” is a musical journey that transcends time and space, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its rich tapestry of sound and emotion.

To fully enjoy the echoes from the Crystal Sphere and allow the mystical and transformative qualities of the music to take you away as you sink in its ethereal atmosphere and timeless appeal, check out the link below and savor!


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