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New York City-based songwriter and producer Rita $hamrakova delivers an enchanting and emotional track dubbed “69770 (In another Universe)” featuring Theo

As a songwriter and producer, New York-based artist Rita $hamrakova has developed a style of songwriting that is transparent, daring, and reflective of both her personal experiences and those of others, and that is what makes her music deeply relatable. As you can probably imagine, Rita has had a vast array of musical influences that all culminate in her artistry, allowing her to produce a musical experience that is enjoyable, emotional, sometimes easy-going, and fun but still seeks to provoke thought.

“69770 (In another Universe)” is her latest work, featuring the breathtaking vocal work of Theo, is an authentic masterpiece with a radio-friendly feel that resonates deeply with listeners.

This emotionally charged track undeniably takes the listener on a profound journey; it combines mesmerizing harmonies with a powerful message about achieving dreams and succeeding in life. It’s a heartfelt exploration of maintaining a positive outlook on life as well as being kind to oneself.

With “69770 (In another Universe)” $hamrakova demonstrates her extraordinary songwriting abilities, blending rich harmonies, soulful melodies, and a compelling narrative that strikes a chord deep within the heart of its listener.

Theo’s enchanting and mellifluous vocals beautifully complement Rita’s artistry, elevating this song to new heights of emotional resonance altogether!

What’s more, all proceeds from Rita $hamrakova’s music are going to be donated to aid the people in Ukraine who are suffering as a result of war crimes.

Rita $hamrakova likes to use her music as a vehicle to express her perspectives and tell stories. Her overarching ambition is to reach as many people as possible and create music that will touch lives and inspire future generations.

To listen to “69770 (In Another Universe)”, follow the attached link, make sure you subscribe to Rita’s YouTube channel, give this release a thumbs up, leave a comment below it, share it with friends, and add it to your playlist.

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