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USA-based Filipino singer-songwriter and musician Rob Sinacsi is set to release his new song titled “Overthinking”

Born in the Philippines but based out of West Palm Beach, Florida, singer-songwriter and performer Rob Sinacsi has dedicated the last few years to trying out new skins and shedding old ones. His upcoming single “Overthinking” marks a new powerful and self-assured era in his musical journey; with this beautifully ethereal, dense, and articulate track, Rob allows for an intimate look into his deepest feelings and darkest times.

It’s fascinating how someone else’s pain, depression, and hurt can be used as a healing component for others—music allows this; through Rob’s performance here that delves into his own mental anguish, listeners facing similar emotional storms can be able to find solace.

The swirling synth leads and deep bass are strong components in the melodic arrangement and add color and edge to the mix, providing the perfect bedrock for Rob’s beautifully haunting, dream-like, and enchanting vocals to flourish.

His performance exudes such an irresistible allure, the sense of phrasing is flawless, and his impeccable flows and emotive delivery resonate with a listener’s heart and soul; provoking thoughts and imagery.

This is such a vivid exploration of emotion and sound that it leaves nothing to be desired. The beat arrangement is excellent to fashion a dense pop beat reminiscent of The Weeknd’s work, and Rob’s emotion-drenched performance accentuates the weight of the lyrics, creating a deep resonance.

“Overthinking” will officially debut on August 7, 2023, on all the popular streaming platforms. The pre-save link is already out. We will attach it so that you get to pre-save this track and be among the first to receive this radio-friendly tour de force when it officially releases.

With every track that he releases, Rob pours himself out more. And while this track was inspired by a very dark phase of his life mentally, he admits that he is now doing fine, and this was a creative expression of what he was feeling then, and was using writing to help him cope.

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