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Charlotte, NC-based alternative band Roman Candles delivers an epic performance in their new single “Death Follows The Big Moon.”

Roman Candles Death Follows The Big Moon

The avid music lover may remember Roman Candles, a Charlotte, NC-based rock quintet with meaningful and socially relevant music at its core…and in a musical world that is brimming with seemingly superficial lyricism and trend-grabbing art, Roman Candles have dedicated themselves to walking their own path towards honest artistry and timeless songwriting, and that makes them a rock band to watch.

Their new single, “Death Follows The Big Moon,” is a powerful anthemic rock masterpiece with a rollicking presence. With Jackson’s dynamic drumming, Kent’s vigorous guitar playing, Wallin’s powerful bass, and Grey’s confident vocals, listeners can truly feel Roman Candles’ unfiltered passion.

This track has a nice combination of clean guitar notes countered by fast-paced riffs. The lead singer’s performance style enhances the pop-rock appeal of the track. “Death Follows The Big Moon” also has a form of pizzazz and style that adds a nice touch of catchiness to the entire track.

This track has a vibrant alternative rock feel, and it is quite refreshing to hear each member of the band represent their pieces masterfully, especially the raw intensity of the guitar riffs and that soul-revealing vocal presentation, which are my favorite bits from this enchanting body of work.

This is how you do it; Roman Candles prove once more they are masters of their craft, in case anyone ever doubted that, and in doing so, they remind any rock music enthusiast just how enthralling and immersive the sound can be.

Roman Candles are breaking barriers and redefining entertainment through their sound and craft, whose repertoire defies expectations and inspires others to pursue the possibility. Their music opens a realm of possibilities, showcasing mastery, dignity, bravery, and authenticity.

For more updates from Roman Candles, follow their official Instagram page.

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