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Stream your feelings with NYC-based Chinese artist Runnan’s latest and greatest offering “浮世幻想” (Floating-World Fantasy)

From a young age, music was the heartbeat of Runnan’s life. He learned at a tender age the profound impact that melodies can have on one’s soul. From the moment he woke up to the time he drifted off to sleep, music was his constant companion, infusing each moment with joy. With this as his foundation, he has grown into an incredible musician and producer who doesn’t like to be confined, blending different sounds and styles to come up with emotionally gratifying and enchanting genre-bending songs with roots in contemporary R&B, soul, and hip-hop. Drawing on his personal experiences and the profound influence of music in his life, Runnan always aspires to create music that resonates deeply with others.

Runnan strikes gold with his latest musical offering titled “浮世幻想” (Floating-World Fantasy)- a 9-track collection that takes cues from daily fantasies, daydreams, reveries, and joyful moments and transfers them meticulously into melodies with near universal appeal. He went above and beyond to ensure a listener got hooked from the first track all the way to the last one, which is a testament to his high-caliber musicianship way beyond his years.

This album is also a testament to the power of music to transcend all manner of barriers, be they language or culture; with each track, Runnan draws you in, captivating and enchanting you with his sweet-sounding vocals, evocative Chinese lyrics, and sometimes rapping.

Drawing influences from diverse musical genres to deliver a well-packaged piece of art that sets out to make you a fan from the first listen, “浮世幻想” (Floating-World Fantasy) is an impeccably realized body of work; it’s unsurprising that it has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone in such a short period of time since its release.

“浮世幻想” (Floating-World Fantasy) captures the essence of Runnan’s vision, incorporating a seamless fusion of genre-bending sounds and heartfelt storytelling. From the moment the first note hits, listeners are immersed in a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

The opening track wraps around the listener like a warm embrace. It carries such an irresistibly contagious nostalgic and funky vibe, backed by such mellifluous lead and backing vocal harmonies. This tune features catchy adlibs and an overall catchy beat!

“Diamond Rings” deeply resonates with me; you’ve got to appreciate how it carries that 90’s R&B and soul feel in its strikingly lovely ballad form. The way Runnan pours all of himself into capturing the track’s essence and mood with his polished vocals is simply spellbinding. I love the beat switch as the track progresses and the adoption of hip-hop influences that see Runnan effectively rap through the beat, displaying his boundless creativity and versatility both as a storyteller and musician!

“All The Things (U Are)” is another catchy and heartwarming ballad that is best enjoyed when you are preparing to take your significant other out or if sharing music is your kind of love language. I love the soul-stirring instrumentation and how, as the track progresses, the more a listener gets hooked. Runnan’s performance leaves nothing to be desired, as he hits all the right notes with his beautifully crafted vocals and first-class songwriting.

Utilizing the skills and resources harnessed from his experiences, Runnan stakes his claim as an artist with “浮世幻想” (Floating-World Fantasy).

Wanting to find his place in the music industry, Runnan sets out to prove his passion and talent to all who lend an ear. “浮世幻想” (Floating-World Fantasy) is a stupendous representation of a forward-thinking, visionary artist, providing an outstanding showcase of ambition and how motivating it can be.

Streaming on all the major platforms, including Spotify, “浮世幻想” (Floating-World Fantasy) is an album worth listening to from start to finish.


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