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Seattle-based singer-songwriter Ryan Graves captures the essence of gospel-fueled rock with his “Human” album

Seattle-based singer-songwriter, Ryan Graves, writes songs that resonate deeply with our times. His artistry is a shining example of high-quality songwriting blended with brutal honesty, vulnerability, strength, and personality. Ryan’s voice, always smooth and occasionally raspy, effortlessly glides across eclectic rock melodies and adapts to any instrument his arrangement requires. A common theme running through his original songs has always been a positive call for people to accept Christ into their lives, put aside smaller differences, and think in terms of the bigger picture. He passionately wishes for people to live in harmony and unity.

With the full-length album “Human”, Ryan’s overarching goal here was to produce original contemporary Christian rock songs that communicate a salvation-themed message that is encouraging and uplifting. Most tracks are grounded in biblical scripture, conveying a faith-based philosophical perspective.

Ryan’s objective is to present truth in love and remind the listener to embrace divine power in order to overcome challenges. In a world often filled with doubt and obstacles, he aims to inspire and uplift with this album. With lyrics that delve into the realm of godly power and the ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances, “Human” is a deeply personal transformative experience, artistically, emotionally, and spiritually.

What a performance in “Enemy” and truly, what a song! Ryan really packs a powerful punch with this track, which has a definite sense of musical identity and a stupendous assertive demeanor! Ryan sings with a mature, defiant, and resilient tone. Lyrically, the tune finds comfort and strength in God to overcome tragedy, loss and everything else that the devil represents. While our time on earth is temporary, this track finds hope in the everlasting presence of God. The lyrics are touching, and the message and purpose of the song is all the more impactful.

“Everything” is an affirmative anthem that features a striking guitar intro that sets the tone for the song before Ryan’s rich, emotion-drenched, and powerful vocals breathe life into the deeply meaningful narrative about Lord the Father being Alpha and Omega. With Jireh as the provider, protector, and comforter, there is nothing that we can lack in Him, and that’s the divine message at the heart of this release. The catchy repeated phrases of, “Everything…you’re my everything” lingers in a listener’s mind long after the song ends.

“Grace” is another bona fide standout that hails God for his everlasting Grace over such a hypnotic and dense production that features a bass-flavored beat adrenaline-fueled rock percussion and some seriously tasty and impassioned singing from Ryan. Overall this tune features an excellent flow and imagery and is a fantastic rock song that is well realized, true to the spirit of the genre. No matter how deep in the jungle you may think you are, this track is a reminder that God will find you there and save you. All you need in your life is God’s never-ending grace and that’s enough to rescue you even from the jaws of death!

“Human” is such a soul-stirring exploration of the human relationship with God and the interconnectedness of life and divinity. This track explores the ever-changing personality of God as compared to us humans, who often show weakness and often fall short of His grace at the slightest of troubles, temptations, or misfortunes that test us to the core. This is a brilliantly blues-fueled, Gospel-inspired slow rocker that combines accomplished performances with a clear devotion to the themes that run through it. Ryan delivers a fantastic performance that is steeped in both purpose and a deep level of conviction.

The addition of Ryan’s terrifically soulful vocal presence really helps inject this title track with a hearty dose of Gospel. The way each and every note is lovingly handled is a joy to listen to and really captures the essence of blues rock perfectly. This song exudes restrained energy and intensity, perfectly aligning with its style and genre. An all-around terrific job!

“Petty Hell” features a stripped-back instrumentation that is driven by the thoughtfully hit piano that lays the perfect bed of support for Ryan’s immensely expressive and truly authentic vocals to flourish. The vocal performance of Ryan really is the heart and sout of this track, helping to heighten the effectiveness of the lyrics tenfold and create a great deal of rock spirit and personality. He sings his heart and soul out in this gentle reminder that God the Father will wipe away all our tears, and we will forget our petty hell down here. No matter what differences and relational strain we allow to separate us, Jesus brings us all back together again in the end. Delivering impassioned vocals on this track, his powerful voice reinforces the triumphant message of the chorus.

“Meadows” features a blissful guitar intro and cinematic scores as Ryan weaves a colorful tapestry of sound as the song progresses. The track employs mesmeric guitars, enchanting cello, delicate flute, and atmospheric pads to set the stage perfectly for Ryan’s powerful and stirring vocal performance. This song should have broad appeal to rock audiences thanks to its polished production, high levels of musicianship, outstanding production, and excellent mix. The drums are punchy and crisp, cutting right through with tremendous clarity and authority. The cello, flute, and bass sit nicely in the mix and do well to fill out the sound. The vocal performance is brilliant—simply an amazing male rock voice with exceptional power in the upper register.”

“Meadows” is a call to the heavenly Father to be the guiding light in the darkness, the comforter, and the one who fills our hearts with peace, forgives our misdemeanors and failures, and rids us of that insatiable worldly thirst!

As a music fan, you really need to listen to some, if not all, of these tracks, and I can promise you that you will be glad you did.

Follow the link below, turn up the volume, and immerse yourself in a musical world brimming with music, depth of worship, and fellowship!

Explore the depths of Ryan Graves’ artistry and stay updated on his creative endeavors by checking out the website

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