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Folk singer-songwriter and performer Sage Hatfield takes us to worlds beyond with a beautiful performance titled “Wet Brick & Roses” featuring Jonah Siegel and Gia Calabrese.

Music possesses the power to transport us to another time and place. Sage Hatfield loves to harness that power to create music that transports its listener to different dimensions and realms while stretching the limits of his own imagination in order to come up with songs that are both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. Ever since a young age, Sage has always found great joy and satisfaction in being involved in the creative music process. He continues to push himself by expanding his imagination and musical boundaries, combining an unmatched passion for music with his natural talent to create timeless sounds like his latest tune, “Wet Brick & Roses.”

There is something ethereally fulfilling about this performance, right from the first note all the way to the last one.

First of all, the song is so laid-back, with a chilling soundscape coming from the cello’s equally smooth playing and the gently struck guitar strings. Sage then gives life to the jam with his beautifully haunting vocals, which give this tune its genuine tonality throughout.

Jonah Siegel, tasked with this intricate harmonic arrangement, does such a fine job, seamlessly blending the various components and rounding out the song to sound exactly as it sounds right here!

Gia Calabrese also adds to the song’s depth and sonic elegance with her backing angelic vocals, creating an intimate, sincere, and ear-catching harmonious performance with Sage as they transport a listener to another world altogether with their wholehearted vocal rendition.

“Wet Brick & Roses” is the kind of tune that you cannot get out of your head with just one listen! It is simply that captivating.

This is the second single from Sage’s highly anticipated project, “Postcards From New England” that will be dropping real soon.

Follow the link below, subscribe to Sage Hatfield’s YouTube channel, and share this song with anyone who enjoys good music to enjoy this performance that has such eye-catching visuals.



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