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Southern and HBN’s finest rapper and entertainer, Sammy Sam Hitman, blows the roof off with “Bruce Lee”

You know there some of the artists you discover for the very first time and wonder where they’ve been all your life; Southern-based hip hop artist and songwriter Sammy sam Hitman is one of them. While I’m a little sad I didn’t know him sooner, I’m just happy I’ve got another favorite emcee from the South; they seem to breed the best!

With a career spanning over 2 decades, Sammy sam Hitman is exactly who he says he is; an OG and first-class megastar riding on an unrivaled high. He is also signed with the American indie Southern Hip Hop label Hustlers by Nature (HBN), a steadily rising indie label that has been home to some of the best emcees and singer-songwriters out of the South.

Let’s talk about that masterclass that is “Bruce Lee”- this track embodies a club banger from head to toe. Like a professional hitman (which he is), Sammy sam Hitman never misses his target with his razor-sharp lyricism flanked by sharp-witted anecdotes over the atmospheric production the perfect blend you can treat yourself to today.

Like a Mr. Miyagi-Do, he dances eloquently over the dazzling trap beats, intuitively and spontaneously landing each sick verse, catchy hook, and erudite word play in a rhythmically mesmerizing flow that is addicting and hypnotizing!

If the DJ runs this up, the club or whatever setting is guaranteed to be on its feet, busting some moves with reckless abandon as they beg the DJ to play it one more time.

It is impressive that “Bruce Lee” has over 101K Spotify streams, with the numbers projected to rise even further. And it’s hard to argue with numbers; this is a certified street anthem that should belong to any rap fanatic’s playlist.

After that inimitable performance, it’s hard to argue Sammy sam Hitman’s claim about being “Bruce Lee”….I think they might actually be related after all!

Sammy sam Hitman is nowhere near done; as a matter of fact, it feels like he has just scratched the surface as he and his HBN label take on the global music scene in order to leave their mark.

To listen to the South’s favorite anthem, follow the attached link and let this banger find its way into your playlist.


For more information regarding Sammy sam Hitman and HBN, follow the attached social media handles.



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