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Hip-hop and rap emcee Sandwichez delivers a powerful punch with his new banger, “Back on Our Feet” featuring Reborn the Soundsmith.

Hip-hop and rap music have become an open diary and a way for Sandwichez to express himself and provoke thoughts and imagery. Discussing the trials and tribulations he has faced in his life and the struggles of street life that many can relate to, Sandwichez comes through as a master of flows and melodies, switching the tempo effortlessly while his lyrics craft a vivid narrative of his life. With his impressive discography, he continuously proves that he is far from a one-dimensional rapper who doesn’t just talk about pain and the streets but also has the talent to create music with more mainstream appeal, with upbeat tracks featuring more accessible subject matter!

His latest single, “Back on Our Feet” is a self-empowerment anthem and an affirmation of the greater purpose in life worth fighting for. It serves as an ode to those grand dreams and the resilience, fortitude, and tremendous power to always get back up, no matter how many times you get knocked down!

The guest artist Reborn the Soundsmith lays down some memorable verses and sets the tone for this track before Sandwichez makes a triumphant entry, eating the beat up and dominating the beat completely.

With unorthodox, masterful flows, thought-provoking bars, and rapid-fire rhymes, he goes on and on, unleashing a blend of insightful bars and hard-hitting punchlines, hooking you throughout his delivery.

He is swift and precise, like a dual-clutch transmission, landing each sick verse and bar with an artful ferocity like a professional MMA fighter in the ring, baying for the blood of this heavy and hypnotic beat that was produced by Dizzy Banko.

Recalling his first encounter with Dizzy Banko, Sandwichez remarked, “My first meeting with producer Dizzy Banko was put together by Crissean Chevers. Crissean, also an artist by the name of Reddy Red, got me a good price. Crissean is P-Money’s little brother – I just call him my cousin. Our first meeting was simple; we met in the car, and he left a file with us. The track I recorded sadly got lost and is now archived in the streets. This new track produced by Dizzy titled ‘Back on Our Feet’ features Reborn the Soundsmith and will appear on my upcoming album titled ‘Beastiality’.”

This track is a single off of Sandwichez’s upcoming album, dubbed “Beastiality” expected to drop when the timing is right.

“Back on Our Feet” is rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop and rap genres and a bona fide masterpiece that is expected to elevate Sandwichez into international acclaim.

Streaming globally, don’t miss out on adding this banger to your playlist, and make sure you spread the word!


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