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British pop producer and artist Scott the Pisces’s latest single “Euphoric” featuring LA-based singer-songwriter Ashley Alisha, has all the markings of a viral hit and summer sensation!

Scott the Pisces is a true Renaissance man. A producer, songwriter, and artist, his music knows no boundaries when it comes to genre or style. His creations harmoniously fuse diverse influences, blending elements of nostalgic and contemporary pop with R&B. His ability to craft music based on his emotions imbues each composition with a distinctive and authentic touch. He defies all traditional expectations and has been pushing genre boundaries in an effort to create something uniquely his. Consequently, his rapid rise to fame has not been a fluke but a result of hard work, a relentless work ethic, and pure determination to make a name for himself and leave his mark on the music industry. His journey thus far serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication!

The summer hit anthem “Euphoric” has already been selected as a soundtrack for Love Island USA season 5, and this is such a deserved feat owing to the authenticity and relatability of this track that is all about that young, summer love!

In this raw and catchy masterpiece, he collaborates with Los Angeles-based songbird Ashley Alisha, who adds depth and sonic elegance with her pure, mellifluous, and angelic vocals, breathing life into the simple yet unique lyrical narrative.

Scott the Pisces’ exquisite production and impeccable arrangement seamlessly fit with Ashley’s sweet-sounding vocals, creating a fascinating all-round performance with the outstanding pop arrangement over the lush, atmospheric electronic soundscape, giving this tune such an immersive feel.

The melodic drops, the striking arrangement, and the captivating vocals are why this is a must-have for any music fan. It boasts a cross-genre appeal thanks to its pop and R&B foundation backed by electronic cadences, and the official lyric video elevates it to higher grounds of appeal because you get to sing along to the infectious lyrics and understand the music more.

The anime-inspired cover art is Scott’s nod to those who create stunning anime music videos from his songs.

“Euphoric” is expected to debut on BBC Music Introducing this coming Thursday afternoon and represents a significant accomplishment for both Scott and Ashley.

Undoubtedly a fan-favorite and hit summer anthem, you deserve this track in your playlist right at this moment. Follow the link below and be sure to share this incredible track!

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