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Up-and-coming Darkwave/punk artist and producer SenaiB swings the living hell out of his latest single, “THUNDER SPACE”

SenaiB is a master of his own craft; dedicated to exploring the sonic rabbit holes within the realms of musical anomalies, sitting atop the hierarchy as a phenomenal deviation from the expected, the ordinary, and the common rule, arrangement, or type. In his own artistic wisdom, he prefers to stretch the genre restrictions and push the boundaries of sound, delving deep into the creative process and authenticating music that is dark and synthetic with gothic qualities and that is as memorable as it is uncontainable. With a rip-roaring punk foundation, his music is truly unique and rare, one that is sure to beautifully haunt you with its sonic elegance!

SenaiB is back, and this time he comes with something that makes you want to bop your head and shuffle your feet in time with the beat, right from the get-go. “THUNDER SPACE” is that kind of irresistible jam that makes your organs want to move!

The big sawtooth-style synth leads, the driving bassline, ethereal pads, and intricate percussion backed by the soaring melodies, layers upon layers of electronic sounds, and a consistently captivating rhythmic arrangement make for a very strong and mesmerizing groove.

The sheer level of technical dexterity that went into making this is quite simply marvelous; how else could we achieve such a raw masterpiece? that is brimming with melody and bursting with sublime, awe-inspiring rhythm.

Tell you what, right from the intro, I was awestruck. I don’t know what SenaiB does to make this track so addictive, evocative, and really stick; what’s known is that he does, and he deserves widespread critical acclaim for crafting such an energetic and uplifting piece of music characterized by swirling synths, a fast tempo, and a driving bassline.

If you are into dark and synth-wave soundscapes with gothic influences, “THUNDER SPACE” will likely feel like home to you!

Follow the link below and relish this transcendental listening experience. Don’t forget to share the magical music with your friends as well!

Follow SenaiB on Instagram to keep up with his other projects.

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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