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California-based experimental hip-hop artist and virtuosic producer Sephe is back with a transcendental body of work dubbed “twist?d”

Don’t get twisted, but in an ever-evolving music world, artists are largely measured by their uniqueness, authenticity, and ability to stand the test of time. What sets you apart? How versatile can you be, and are you capable of meeting the daily needs of your ardent fans so that if today they want something stylistically new and subtly different from what you have been providing, will you still be able to deliver? And even when you do, will you be able to do it in a way that you don’t end up losing listeners who still love you the way you are? Well, these are of course the dynamics and sophistication of artistry, but if there is someone who prides himself on his originality, uniqueness, and versatility all at the same time, then it has to be California-based multifaceted artist and producer Sephe. He is an enigmatic force worth reckoning with who has gained fast global recognition for rafting compelling music that leave audiences craving more!

His artistic approaches are always advancing and maturing, like fine wine, as the industry does. His passion as a music artist, rapper, producer, and performer has always been grounded in challenging the status quo of what is considered traditional with his genre-bending sounds and overall awe-inspiring showmanship, delivering listeners with experiences worth remembering.

His ardency towards music production, diverse sounds, and testing the bounds of music theory has once again been sparked with his latest offering, “twist?d” – the success of this 10-track collection stems from Sephe’s natural ability to fascinatingly transition sounds – we’re talking trap, EDM, soul, and R&B, complemented by his unprecedented versatility in bridging the production of rhythm, sound syntax, rap, and sung vocals to engage diverse audiences.

This is such a raw masterpiece that was actually inspired by the LP by Antiloop; a concoction of wildly expressive, richly eclectic classics with staggeringly refreshing dance innovation and weaving this album’s legendary influences with his own unique Sephe twists, “twist?d” was born, and it is such a polished and meticulous body of work that deserves to be under the spotlight.

The magic behind Sephe’s evocative and unforgettable album is simply surreal.

With a track like “nil”, he evokes catharsis, somehow closer to an unexplainable power that feels like destiny. There is something incomprehensible in the track’s arrangement, a phenomenon that can’t be explained by logic. You simply turn up the volume and savor this irresistible, intoxicating feeling.

The subtly expressive bass in “Skarab” over such skillful execution of the music is as uncontainable as it is memorable. The background vocals oscillate through the richly eclectic soundscape with such lucidity and warmth that you can’t really get over the song.

“commas” has an undeniable nostalgic thrill that hits its listener right through the chest, and the guest artist Kovou adds an incredible dimension to the music to elevate it to newer and higher levels of appeal with the enchanting rap vocals over the electronic foundation, something worth relishing!

“problemz.n.issuez” is spellbinding with its rippling synth accents and mellow orchestral pulses that brandish the vocal sequence, attaining a sacred power that allures the listener like a siren. This song features layers upon layers of textures, elements, synths, bass, and vocal performances worthy of the Hollywood screen!

I could go on and on, but I will stop for now to give you the chance of a lifetime to savor this audacious, bold, and authentic album, and I hope you find it enthralling and impactful because it most certainly is!

Sephe reshapes our perception of avant-garde music, delving into the unknown. It’s genuinely unparalleled!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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