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Chicago-based 15-year-old songbird Seraphina Sanan packs an appropriate punch with her debut single, “Left It All Behind”

Seraphina Sanan embraced singing, songwriting, dancing, and performing at an early age and instantly knew she had found her calling. At 15 years of age, she possesses an innate ability to craft emotionally resonant songs that deeply connect with listeners. She remains unapologetically herself, and knowing what she wants, honing her skills and cadence as both a songwriter and performer as she rises through the ranks. Her music is genre-defying, blending pop, rock, and heavy metal elements, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. Her rich and velvety voice carries a raw and authentic quality that allows her lyrics to truly come to life, painting vivid portraits of love, loss, and the beauty in everyday moments.

She has been scoring major points across the board with her catchy and nostalgic debut single, ‘Left It All Behind,’ a genre-blending masterpiece that takes cues from raw emotions of hurt emanating from a failed relationship and is backed by a tone of defiance and resilience.

Seraphina’s passion for songwriting and performing is evident with every note she hits. She brings vast influences from pop to rock and heavy metal to deliver a well-packaged piece of art that sets out to make you a fan from the first listen.

You can feel the raw emotions in her voice as she weaves through the ear-gracing instrumentation, exuding irresistible allure.

Her singing emanates tenderness, honesty, introspection, vulnerability, and strength, making this an all-round performance guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on its listener.

There is a complementary music video featuring stunning visuals that really is the perfect complement to this track, enhancing its narrative and mood

“Left It All Behind” is the debut representation of this young artist providing an outstanding showcase of ambitions and how far they can drive someone.

Immerse yourself in the vibes of this masterpiece, now streaming globally. For the latest updates on this emerging chart-topper, explore her world through her Instagram, TikTok, and website!

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