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Highly rated British rapper and songwriter Seyi O has released his debut EP dubbed “Retain The Pressure.”

Seyi O Retain The Pressure

Dedicated to preserving the purity of the original hip-hop sound of all those who came before him and contributed to what the sound is today, Seyi O is an artist with a mission to craft lyrical soundtracks on some of the best hip-hop and futuristic beats out there. If you enjoy strong and bold lyrics with messages of hope and inspiration with that hip hop flavor, then Seyi O is the artist to look out for!

Seyi O is now making headlines following the release of his 4-track debut EP titled “Retain The Pressure.”

And why “Retain The Pressure” one might ask? Well, simply because that is how you make yourself invincible. You see, your human perception is often not always the reality. The illusion of safety is always much more deadly than your rise to personal mastery, and that is why you have to embrace as opposed to running away or trying to evade pressure.

Avoiding pressure is ultimately why so few reach the rarified air of epic performance and make a worldwide impact on the culture. Seyi O reminds you with unmatched poetic lyricism that this is a sport only for outright warriors. It requires enormous courage, immense conviction, and uncommon strength of character.

Through his ear-grabbing wordplay, masterful rhymes delivered with wise perspectives over the deft arrangement and top-notch production, Seyi O knows better than most that when you feed off that pressure, you’re most likely to come out the other side physically and mentally stronger, wiser, and more skilled, and with greater intimacy of your most supreme and invincible nature!

“Retain The Pressure” is an earworm delivered with such passion and dedication that it leaves an indelible mark on the listener, and that is precisely what it does.

Let’s hope this is the first of many to come from this ingenious lyricist, who seems to have embraced the pressure himself and followed his passion!


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