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Dallas Based Singer and Songwriter Shannon Takes You on a Fulfilling Musical Journey in His New, “Lucky” Album

Shannon Lucky

Shannon has been building on a multi-genre sound that ranges from silky-smooth modern pop to rich expressive nostalgic rock. Fusing the futuristic and nostalgic elements that are distorted to perfection and backed by infectious riffs and hooks for genre-defying results, it is safe to say Shannon is already a household name whose music has been making an endearing impact on its listeners from all over the world. Shannon’s vocals are velvety and introspective- constantly exploring life’s experiences with his candid and refreshing delivery the proverbial icing. He makes more than just songs; he has been creating a new sonic world to be dived into something admirably tangible.

He has built up a loyal fan base and with his new album, “Lucky”, he is set to make even big steps into the music industry as the album has already been widely and deservedly received with listeners streaming in their numbers from all over the globe. A 12-piece collection including the intro and outro, there is absolutely something for everyone on this fulfilling musical odyssey!

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For some reasons unbeknownst to me, I can’t get the track, “Alright” out of my head. This song has everything you’d wish for in a record; the upbeat and lively melody blended with an inspirational message behind the lyrics. The beats in here carry with them a feel-good type of vibe as if supporting the theme of the lyrics that it will be alright!

His warm vocals bring out the raw emotions perfectly and the way the melody and his vocals engage in a call and response motif is ear-pleasing and will make you fall in love with the track even more. This is for all those ones who are feeling like the light will not supersede the engulfing darkness- just hold on there for it will be alright soon enough. Even if it may not look like it right now, you just have to believe that this is just a phase that will pass and the light of a clear blue morning will shine its hopeful light on your face soon enough!

Shannon will show the “Nirvana” and bring you peace and tranquility throughout this exceptional track that features a mixture of modern pop/rock soundscapes. This track is somehow a nostalgic narrative with his ear-warming vocals taking their place on the colorful bed of support laid by the synthetic beats that incorporate some guitars and keyboards for that quality sound. The way he delivers the chorus section is so endearing and pulls a listener in and takes them straight to his Nirvana! This is a contagious track that is just as addicting as it is captivating and has so far amassed over 27.9 K streams on Spotify alone!

“Higher” takes you to a high place literally with the heartfelt vocal delivery complemented by the prolific, laid-back yet expressive instrumentation that has been scented by some keyboards, bass, and guitars making itself home in a listener’s heart.

Shannon puts his heart and soul into the performance of the romantic ballad, “Tocame” which makes an impression from the intro, flexing the guitar melody performed with such dexterity and showmanship. The way the pleasure-inducing melody forms from the perfect blend of the keyboard and guitar with his captivating and soul-stirring vocals breathing life into this track is why this is the perfect tune to dedicate to your soul mate. This is the case of melody-perfect with the heartwarming vocal presentation making even the most heavy-hearted persons feel moved.

There is a lot to feed your soul to with such tracks as; “Perfect”, “Somebody”, ‘Hallelujah” and others the perfect soundtracks to infuse your bluesy day and make you feel alive again.

Jump on the bandwagon by following the attached link and find out which tracks from this collection you most resonate with.

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

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