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Up-and-coming songstress Shauntey Jonell enchants with her groovy and catchy debut ballad, “Way Up.”

Shauntey Jonell is a triple threat: a singer, songwriter, and music producer, and is ultimately more than just an artist; she’s a performer as well, who is able to competently tug at her listeners’ heartstrings with heartfelt and profoundly touching stories in her music. She writes her music from a place of both strength and vulnerability, and that is what distinguishes her from her peers. In today’s artistic climate, it is extremely hard and rare to find an artist like her whose style encapsulates raw and real-lived experiences delivered through her own lenses. Her musical passion has been fueled and nurtured ever since she was a tender age, performing in church, and when she decided to develop further, her career transitioned swiftly and seamlessly. With all the pieces falling into place and leveraging the wealth of experience and skills she has amassed, Jonell is poised for a promising future in the music industry as she makes waves, one hit song at a time.

And what a way to introduce herself with that enchanting and captivatingly beautiful debut, “Way Up” that explores sensuality and deeply familiar romantic feelings towards someone who has obviously got you smitten and you get that ‘high’ from their love.

I love how, with this tune, Shauntey actually challenges the status quo via non-cookie-cutter soundscapes. A lot is going on in this jam, making it such an engaging masterpiece. You can tell she wanted to bring forward all these instruments to shine and interplay with each other, and the result of that is something complex and immersive as well.

A combination of soulful, smooth, and golden, her vocals glide through the rich instrumentation with confidence. She possesses such an unmistakable old-school powerhouse range, and she expresses it confidently.

Her impeccable vocal range pertains to the genre appeal of R&B and soul, while certain elements of the instrumentation that are vibrant echo an inescapable pop thrill. The standout components have got to be those keys; they have been executed with such dexterous technique, showcasing Shauntey’s piano virtuosity!

Shauntey doesn’t hold back in her description of intimate feelings, using vivid imagery and wordplay to craft a sensual atmosphere within the song. It’s a bold and authentic track that embraces sensuality and desire with unfiltered candor—a theme that doesn’t tiptoe around its subject matter.

The enchanting hooks, delivered in the choral symphony, underscore the passionate and intense nature of the romantic theme, which emphasizes the high-like feeling derived from this intimate connection.

“Way Up” is the kind of song that captivates from the first listen. If you don’t believe me, how about you try it?

For more information, check out Shauntey’s website:


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