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Shedrick S.H.E.D. Barnett delivers a soul-stirring and moving performance with “Looking For My Mama” featuring Mista Lee

Cover Art by Stephanie Lit Logos

Drawing inspiration from the intricacies of everyday life; celebrating love and death, mourning personal losses, and referencing lighter everyday experiences with such poetic finesse and emotive delivery to accentuate the weight of his lyrics, Athens-based poet Shedrick S.H.E.D. Barnett is swiftly and rightfully gaining recognition across the global scene. Through his poetry, he endeavors to connect with others, reminding them they are never alone in their journey. While he started practicing his lifelong passion later in life, he is nonetheless focused on leaving an indelible mark with his unique artistry and hopes to empower, inspire, and entertain his listeners in equal measure.

“Looking For My Mama” is a track from his latest album, “A Poet Was Here, Vol. 2.” This sentimental piece was inspired by the loss of his mother as well as both of his grandmas; all influential women in his life.

His emotive delivery and impeccable flow accentuate the weight of the lyrics, and to say that this performance hits closer to home would actually be an understatement, especially for someone who has lost parents or people close to them.

As you listen, you are immersed in his world and made to see and feel all the emotions that accompany this performance. The way he artistically turns his pain into a healing potion for the listener underscores the power of creative art and music.

In this track, he features Athens-based singer Mista Lee, who adds depth and heightens the impact of the song with his soulful and equally emotive backing vocals.

With a piece like this, we can only thank Shedrick for mastering the courage to bare his soul out for the listener and turning his pain and sadness into an undeniably moving piece of magic that not enough words can ex.

Besides being a poet and songwriter, Shedrick is also an author, with two books out already. He is also keen to venture further into rapping, as was showcased in “No More Mr. Nice Guy”- his first ever hip hop track.

To stream and add “Looking For My Mama”, please follow the attached link and let this heartfelt performance heal and comfort you.

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