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Athens-based poet Shedrick S.H.E.D Barnett displays his versatility and artistic range with a rap performance in “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”

Shedrick S.H.E.D Barnett’s way with words is indisputably unrivaled…I have never met someone who is so subtle and effectively efficient with his words as Shedrick, and even though it took some time for him to finally decide to chase his passion in poetry, he has truly made his mark and is continuously carving out his own niche in poetry-defined music. His impressive discography spans five albums already, with his 2022 series, “A Poet Was Here,” receiving unanimous acclaim from a large faction of listeners as well as key industry players.

While many of you have been used to seeing him deliver spoken word masterpieces with an innate competency to spin complex words into beautiful webs of meaning, this time he decided to surprise his listener, and that is how his first ever rap track, “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” was birthed.

To clear any doubt whatsoever, he is just as great if not better at this type of rap fluidity, and it helps that he has already owned his niche as a poet, with his knack for the specifics and tailored delivery placing a listener beside him as the story unfolds.

The melodies are deep and cinematic, which highlights the true magnitude of the subject matter about being done with narcissistic people who lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others.

Walking over the beats and filling it with his presence, Shedrick delivers a talk-rap kind of unique style…you really don’t know if he is talking, rapping, or both! One thing you can’t debate, however, is how successfully and ingeniously he achieves this.

It is always great to see artists breaking out of their usual shells and trying something new…this is such a shining example of how vastly talented Barnett is and how he is not afraid to test his artistic limits.

“No More Mr. Nice Guy” is now streaming on all the popular channels; follow the attached link and let this masterpiece find its way into your library.

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