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New York City-based Australian recording artist, producer, and DJ, Sir Winston’s latest track “Perfectly Numb”, is a bona fide banger!

Sir Winston has a versatility that is unprecedented in tech house, electro-pop, and EDM. His innate ability to incorporate contrasting musical ideas ensures that listeners are always treated to an endless stream of thrills. He has quickly garnered plaudits and steadily gained traction with his epic releases and live performances that leave audiences in states of delirium.

His overarching ambition has always been to inspire people by capturing moments through music and transporting audiences to places where they get completely lost in euphoric music. He is achieving this, one song at a time.

His much-anticipated track “Perfectly Numb” is finally out, and it is exactly what his ever-expanding fan base envisioned—a tour de force in electro and synth-pop music transcendence!

The track features an impressive blend of rhythm and dance melody, with Sir Winston’s signature tech sound melding the electro-pop and synth elements into a modern, otherworldly experience.

The accompanying high-end music video, shot on the New York subway and featuring the W.F.F.L.E dance crew, showcases Sir Winston’s love of art. It blends audio and visual elements, creating an eye-catching spectacle that holds viewers captive from start to finish.

This track is energetic and uplifting, while still maintaining an immersive, ethereal, and synthetic side to the arrangement. The sound of this banger is characterized by its synthesized tempo and driving electro pop beat. In addition to the driving beat, “Perfectly Numb” offers soaring melodies and ethereal pads that add so much texture and atmosphere to contrast the speed and intensity of the groove.

The pulsing bassline and intricate percussion create a very strong yet surprisingly mesmerizing groove that conjures up comparisons with the 2010s electronic dance music scene!

“Perfectly Numb” is the second single from Sir Winston’s forthcoming EP, “Démons à Combattre”, set to debut in September 2023.

Follow the attached link, make sure you subscribe to Sir Winston’s YouTube channel, like this release, crank the volume all the way up, and dance in time with the beat like no one’s watching…even if they probably are, because this experience can’t be undone!

Follow Sir Winston on Instagram for more updates.

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