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Nashville’s hip-hop revolution Six One Trïbe’s latest release, “Paradise Lost” showcases a performance worthy of fanfare.

Nashville experienced a seismic shift in hip-hop and rap the moment Six One Trïbe emerged. This dynamic collective is a significant boon to Nashville’s rap scene, with their decision to come together and create uniquely captivating music with instant appeal being vindicated daily. The numbers speak for themselves, and their ever-expanding fanbase, which follows their every move with great admiration, proves that there is so much more to them than meets the eye. This is hip-hop’s evolution and revolution, pioneered by professionals with an ear for innovative beats and the lyrical depth to go with it. The music is just too good to ignore, and the variety offered is far-reaching. This is your sign to get to know Six One Trïbe, and you’ll be glad you made that decision. Hop in, and let’s ride!

The group returns with a brand-new release, “Paradise Lost,” featuring a distinct beat crafted by the phenomenal Aaron Dethrage while sitting on the balcony of a beach house during vacation. It probably explains the happy-go-lucky mood exuded.

This infectious beat compels you to bop your head as it courses through your body and mind effortlessly. You just have to absorb it, and once the masterful flows start kicking in, you immediately know you are in for a ride.

Gee Slab came in prepared with his verses, maturely finessing over the beat with some creatively referential bars. AndréWolfe delivers the ear-catching hook that is the focal point for the jam, as Blvck Wizzle and Riø Tokyo own the spotlight with their own thought-provoking rhymes.

Cutting through this infectious beat with clarity and lyrical self-assurance, the emcees produce sterling moments that collectively showcase Six One Trïbe as a standout group worthy of fanfare.

This is a bona fide anthem and the ideal addition to any hip-hop or rap playlist. I can already predict a bright future for the jam; this is indeed what a masterpiece sounds like.

Let’s promote this masterpiece and share it widely. The future of rap is here, and the Six One Tribe are its instigators!


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