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California-based spectrum rock band Slanderus’ latest release, “Invert Your Eyes,” is a triumph that consistently makes its mark.

A tremendously talented quartet that has become an inimitable champion of California’s hard-rock scene, Slanderus has continued to set the world ablaze with the release of another fierce and cataclysmic banger, “Invert Your Eyes.” This band has become renowned for its thunderous grooves, ground-shattering riffs, earth-shaking drums, insane bass licks, and self-assured vocals that slice through this wildly explosive concoction with clarity and power. The band addresses widely relatable topics, including mental health, courage, and determination, and does not shy away from exploring vulnerability and sensitive social and political commentary. This relatability is what makes them a band to watch as they continue making their mark, one hit and one live show at a time!

They return with the epic banger “Invert Your Eyes”—a raw masterpiece born of self-awareness and the quest to find one’s true self beyond fear.

To reflect this deeply introspective and meaningful theme, the interplay between the rollicking riffs and the pounding drums gets things off to a heated start as you immediately get drawn into this tune, with the lead vocalist infusing the narrative with life, delivering powerful lines and catchy hooks that capture the essence of this banger.

As the tune progresses, the band unleashes a timeless medley of roaring riffs, showcasing such virtuosic guitar picking techniques as awe-inspiring upright and insane bass licks, golden and heart-pumping drums, and the immensely expressive vocals that underscore the alternative metal feel of the tune.

This is a potent automotive anthem, and the complementary music video is just as powerful as the song itself. Shot in what seems like an abandoned basement building, this music video perfectly encapsulates rock music videos of yesteryear before everything became so complicated.

To enjoy this music video as you get your adrenaline and energy fueled by this rip-roaring performance, follow the link below, subscribe to Slanderus’ YouTube channel, like this release, share it with your friends, and add the song to your playlist.


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